Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lucky, but without much luck...

Yeah, Lucky is finally done!! All seamed, weaved and blocked. But well...there are some "little" the greyish back and left front, and that it doesn't fit.

The colour is actually much lighter when it's dry.
Do you notice the colour difference?

This is a close-up of the bottom part of the right front. The first 2" was knitted using the 'greyish' Clover circular needle, and the rest using bamboo once I realised what was happening. Ugh...the pink colour looks so nice on my computer screen, how I wish it's like that in reality.
I don't think I'll attempt to clean it up, since it fits me weird anyway. Maybe someday I'll became 'slim' enough to wear it, or maybe my mom would want it. Who knows.
Well....last Thursday I made another last-minute decision to go to KL again. I decide in the afternoon, bought the bus ticket, booked the hotel, and left at midnight. Some spontaneity, huh?
And the reason for me going? To apply for US visa. Yep, you heard me right. And guess what? I got it!! I can't believe my luck, really. The interviewer was talking as though he was going to refuse my application, but then he said, "Look, I don't want to make your life like hell, I'm going to approve your visa." I was so dumbfounded that all I could say was "Huh?" I was so ecstatic afterwards that I kept on jumping and smiling like a fool. They stare, trust me, but who cares? America, here I come!! Well, not until December, but I'm definitely going if nothing goes wrong with my dad's business. And with some more luck, I might be going to college in the UK next January!! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that lady luck will smile at me ;). Or at least the fortune god.
Anyway, here's my latest purchase from KL. No, no yarns, but I've got some great books, and I'm sure you'll agree with me.

America Knits by Melanie Fallick, this book is amazing!! I'm really impressed with the stories of the artisans, they're living every knitters' dream (or at least mine)!! Most of the patterns are kind of intimidating, but I love the first pattern on the book, Girl's Trapezoid Jacket with Mitten Motif by Pam Allen.
Oh, and the pictures are beautiful!!
KnitLit (too) by Linda Roghar & Molly Wolf, this book, just like KnitLit, will become my loyal loo companion ;).
Then there is At Knit's End, by the ever-so-famous Yarn Harlot. I've "heard" knitters across the bloggyland rave about this book, but honestly, I never really 'get it', not until I laid my hand on one. This book is simply fabulous, I LOVE IT!!!
Anyway, did I mention that I went to KL ALONE?? For the first day, I got to spend some time with my friend, but I had to talk to myself for the rest 2 days :( I used to think that travelling alone would be great, but I think I'd rather have someone to talk to. I did have fun there though, spending hours at the book stores, walk here and there, and I even visited the newly-opened aquarium. Yeah, that's my idea of fun, now I sound like a geek.
For your information, my school's final exam(a.k.a UEC trial exam) is on 19th September. So, that leaves me about, oh, 15 days to revise EVERYTHING I've learnt for the 3 years of my senior high school life. In the science stream, no less. Then 2 weeks after that, I've got THE EXAM. Then I graduate. Time really flies, doesn't it?
Now, if you think that'll make me hold on my knitting, then you're very wrong. As I cast on this 3 days ago(midnight), just after finishing Lucky.

Can you tell what this is? It's a Kiri!! I know it doesn't look promising, but I'll trust the expert knitters who said not to judge lace before it's blocked. I had a little problem casting on, but with some tutorial from Lois, I was happily knitting along. I'm now on my 9th repeat, but it still looks very small to me. The pattern is quite easy to understand too, I can knit without looking at it now!! Not bad, eh?
The yarn is Shimmer from Knitpicks, and the "happy" colourway is called Happy Dance. Since the yarn comes in hank form, I had to wind it into a ball. By hand. Alone.
First, I put the yarn around my neck, but I almost strangled myself, ick.
Then I put it around my folded knees, and it seems to work. Took me almost an hour, but since I was watching Korean drama while doing it, it doesn't really feel that long.
Have you all seen the latest edition of MagKnits? I love Sesame and Alice!! There are so many sweaters and cardigans that I want to knit!!
Well...everyone, wish me luck, will ya? I'll need lots of it to get through this month. And next.
Have a nice weekend and happy knitting!!
Note : More than half of this post had to be written twice, and I blame it all on blogger.


Anonymous said...

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Vanessa said...

Hey yuvee, your lucky is very pretty. Love the color. Please model for us when u get the chance. Cheers!

tanti said...

beautiful lucky and nice color too!!

congrats with the visa stuffs!!

just want to share with you, when i got to wind up the yarn, i put the hank around the pillow.. easier to move..:)

knottyknitpicks said...

congrats on the visa!!

the sweater is really pretty - what yarn did you use?

bradyphrenia said...

*tag* you're it!
see my blog for details

Lauren said...

Your Lucky cardigan looks wonderful, Yuvee