Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rant and rambles...

Ok, I realise it's been looooong since I last do a real post. Actually no, it feels just like yesterday, but the date disagree.
I've been swamped by course-works, with the holiday coming up and all. I'm glad to report that I only have one more deadline to go (tomorrow, yikes!) and then I'm FREE!!! Well, not free as in I can just sit on the couch and be lazy all day, which is what I've been doing in between deadlines. My friend is coming on Wednesday which means I'll have to go out to Central London every day until we leave for Austria on Sunday. So I can't laze around but I'm freaking excited!!!

I actually managed to finish quite a bit of knitting while I was supposed to be working, but the universe got in the way of me sharing them with you. First, the weather in London has never been great in the first place, but lately it's just crap. So no natural lighting to speak of, which is fine cos I don't take outdoor picture in the first place, right? No. Because my main source of artificial light that is the lamp in my room which usually is dim anyway had gone off. Tried new bulbs, tried the fuse, nothing works. I was hanging out in the lounge in front of the tv watching Nigella Lawson and Friends whole day yesterday. Then I thought, oh well, I can take picture in the lounge I suppose, risking my housemate seeing the Fetching I made for her before christmas. But then.....the freaking lamp in the lounge went off too!!!! Agh!!!
So, no picture before I get my light fixed, and that wouldn't be anytime soon because the lazy who's supposed to be responsible for our house's is away.

Ok, so that's my rant.

On a more positive note, I finished Audrey, yayyy!!
I have no great picture for now, but here's a crappy one....

The 500 something stitches button band were done during me trying to get my coursework done. And I wove in the ends while taking breaks (lots of 'em) from my coursework. But then I got to wear it for my presentation! YAYY!!! Well, we didn't get to present our work in the end, but I'm happy with my mark.
I promise I'll take a better picture soon, and go into details about it. I love it!!

I have also finished a scarf, a pair of bed socks and a pair of Fetching for Christmas gifts. I'll wrap them up and be sure to take pictures of them with the recipients.

Anyway, I should have a lot more to share soon, sorry for the rambling. And just in case I don't, Merry Christmas!!!