Sunday, March 16, 2008

Christmas trip report, much belated

It's been 3 months since I promised to show my trip pictures. My excuse would be that we took more than 1500 pictures and boy, they were hard to sort out.
I wouldn't want to bombard you with tons of pictures(I do, really, but you might run away), so here they are in mosaic! Aren't they clever?
First stop, Vienna!

What we did:
-Visited a museum (check out first pic!)
- Hanged out with musicians (that's me and Schubert there on third pic from the left!)
- Went to the zoo on Christmas day!
- Christmas market
- Wrote on ice!!

Next stop, Prague

What we did:
- Checked out the AMAZING architecture
- Ate A LOT (don't worry, we walked a lot too)
- Walked by the riverside
- Got some action (check first picture bottom left)

Last stop, Brussels

What we did:
- Ate some more
- Met Smurf!
- Checked out the cool graffiti
- Filled my suitcase with fresh Belgian pralines
- Flea market shopping

In case you're wondering why I finally end my procrastinating and do this post, it's because I'll have lots more to show soon! Off to Swiss tomorrow, see you guys in two weeks!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mastering the art of procrastination

Another weekend with deadlines looming, what else to do but knit!

Thorpe Hat by Kirsten Kapur
Pattern source: Thorpe hat(link to pdf)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Maya
Needle: 5.00mm Addi Turbos

This hat is amazing!! It took me only a whole Sunday to knit. Mind you my day started way past noon. The pattern called for Dpns to begin with, but they are out of my league, so I used a very long(100cm) circular to do magic loop instead. Also, since I'm using a lighter weight yarn, I increased up to 88 stitches to get to my size. The contrasting yarn for the crochet edging I used was even lighter, so I did Double crochet instead of Half double crochet called for.
The yarn was a delight to work with, and the colour works perfectly for Project Spectrum. Orange, red and pink? Yes, please.

Can you tell yet that I love it so? I'm digging the stash to make some more of this baby!