Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back to school

Back-to-School U-Neck Vest
Pattern source: Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel
Yarn: Cascade 220 Quattro, 3 skeins
Needle: 5.00mm
Comments: I finished this quite a while ago, actually. The body was a really quick knit, however I slowed down when I came to the top shaping. The original pattern is quite wide at the front top, and narrow at the back. Since I didn't like it, I decided to do my own shaping. It works out pretty well and I'm liking it. It's a nice fit and is easy to wear. Well, maybe only when I'm having 'flat tummy day' since the vertical ribbing definitely enhance bulges.

P.S.: The headless pictures will have to do since I was having 'double-chin day'

Sunday, April 20, 2008

You're A Winner!

Congratulations Peri!
Will you email me at yuviniaathotmaildotcom and let me know which prize you'd like and your mailing address, please?

It's funny because Peri and I met up a few years ago when I was still living in Brighton and she was my companion to my first Stitch and Bitch EVER!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

four years and counting

I absolutely CANNOT believe that I missed my blogversary! 4 years and 27 days of blogging, can you believe it?
I started this blog when I was....what, SEVENTEEN? Gosh, it sure seems like an eternity.
Going back on my old posts get me thinking of how much my knitting style has changed. Sure, I've learned so much more since then. I can safely say that I'm a much better knitter in terms of technique and understanding. But I can't help but feel that I used to be so much more fearless and creative when i didn't know as much.
For example, I knitted this bag more than 4 years ago, even before I started blogging.

I had NO IDEA that intarsia was supposed to be hard, or that crochet eats yarn, or that cotton stretch, or that fluffy white edging with blue and purple clash. But it was my own, I didn't even use to read pattern back then. I guess my point is that the more I learn, the more timid I become. I'd really like to get back on track and USE what I've learned over the years instead of becoming intimidated by them. Being a design student, it seems a little ironic to me that I haven't been doing any designs.

On other notes, it seems funny to me that I still have UFOs from back then, like this cardigan for my mom.

Or that I still have yarn that I bought back then in my stash now.
Or that my amount of posts per yarn seems to decline by almost 50% every year.

But blogging has been a great part of my life, and I have met amazing people through it and made great friends.
So, my resolution for 5th year of blogging is to blog more often, to become a better blogger. When I grow up I'd like to become one of those knitters who inspire others. ( what can I say,I might be 20, but I'm still a kid at heart)

It's also been a while since I've a contest, so....

5 skeins of bamboo yarn. It's actually leftover from the boobholder I made 4 years ago.

My favourite sock yarn that I never use for socks,yet.
If you'd like any of these just leave me a comment and let me know which one you'd like. I'll pick someone on 19 April at midnight GMT +1.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yes, I've been knitting

I'm back!
Well, actually I've been back for a week now, a week that's been spent resting. Resting from a vacation that wasn't even tiring, yeah. I guess some people would call it slacking, but I think of it as resting.

It might take me another 3 months to share my trip pictures but I'll try to be good and do it earlier this time.
Meanwhile, let's talk about knitting!

Turquoise Baudelaire Socks
Pattern source: Baudelaire socks by Cookie A.
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino "Turquoise"
Needle: 2.5mm 80cm Addis
Comments: I've been wanting to knit this pattern ever since it came out just because it's soooo pretty and I just adore Cookie A.'s patterns. It wasn't an easy knit, not because the pattern was hard, but because it's just so tight. I think it was the combination of the lace pattern, the yarn and the needle. This is another tight fitting socks for me, sometimes I fear I'd tear the socks since I have to pull real hard to put it on. I followed the instruction for wide heels, but it didn't help much. I guess my heels are just super thick.
Anyway, did you notice my new pretty sock blockers? They're from the second installment of Socktopus Sock Club. It's about an inch too small, but my socks blocked out beautifully and the yarn feels great after blocking too.

I managed to do some yarn shopping while I was in Switzerland, but that's for another post. One of the yarn that I got was a skein of rainbow coloured Zitron Loft yarn. I cast on almost immediately when I got home and a hat was done in 2 days.

Super Colourful Beanie(for the lack of better naming)
Pattern Source: Just a simple top down hat
Yarn: Zitron Loft colour 901
Needle: 7.0mm??
Comment: This hat went so quick and the yarn was so fabulous. I even had enough for a pompom, leaving me with NO LEFTOVER at all. The yarn was quite pricey when I got it but I've since found out that I can get it for much less online. I'm sooo tempted to buy one at every colour and knit lots of pretty beanies.

Another WIP is this

It's Neighbourhood Tunnel socks from the said second installment of Socktopus Sock Club. I adore the yarn, and the pattern is quite pretty too, but the fit is a nightmare. I did my usual short-row heel over 60% of the stitches but it's still very tight. I have to pull it even harder than the Baudelaire. Granted, I didn't follow the heel flap from the pattern. Actually I did, but then I read the part where I'm supposed to make changes for wider heels. I ripped the heel off because I just couldn't be bothered anymore. Lesson learned: READ THROUGH THE PATTERN FIRST. The first sock is now done and I'm really not sure what to do with it.

Two days ago, I finally cast-on for this

Yep, Ivy League Vest, finally! I had to cast on twice because I didn't have the right size needle. The ribbing is going very slowly and I'm really tempted to just do a normal ribbing instead of changing colour every freakin row. But it looks so pretty so I think I'll stick with it. This will be one of those project that'll take years to finish, considering the rate I'm going at.

And last night, since I needed a bit of mindless knitting while watching tv, I cast on for this

It's Haven scarf from Kim Hargreave's Heartfelt book. The yarn is Lang Mille Colori, another holiday purchase. It's intended for my International Scarf Exchange pal. I think she might love it, but I keep on having doubts, so maybe I'll just hope for the best.

Actually, there are lots more FOs to share, I find that I'm knitting so much more than I blog that I have trouble posting about them. But I'll be back soon with a sweater, a vest, few hats and socks.