Saturday, September 10, 2005

Kiri = Left

Meet my beautiful Kiri....

Thanks to Polly for the great pattern. I considered this shawl and easy knit, and knitting with pattern repeats really makes you feel like you're progressing, unlike stockinette sticth.
Notice that I have a new model? It's a body mannequin like the one that's hanged on stores. I got this one for free from my auntie's friend. Yay!!
Here's another shot,

beautiful edging, no?
You might not notice, but actually the shawl is pretty small. I only did 12 repeats, which is fine for the mannequin, but not for me. I think I'll frog the edging and do a few more repeats. I like big shawls, the one that would drape and cling to my body.

I knitted this scarf for my form teacher.

Actually, she requested it months ago. So I made it a promise that I'll do it before I graduate. The pattern is from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. Do you notice that the scarf is very short? Too bad I only have two skeins of the yarn, since I got it from KL. My LYS sells the same wool, but finer. I've got no choice but to double up the yarn to add more length. I'm hoping that it'll look fine.

And guess what? I finally casted on for OSW!! Well...since I'm on my second skein now, it would be TSW.

The yarn is Katia Regata that I bought from Cara. I first intended to use Sirdar Breeze, but it's way too fine. I'm pretty much fed up with maths to want to alter the number of stitches. I considered doubling the yarn, but it's way too bulky.
Can you guys see that I started to try to take more artistic photos? I love them. But you won't have any idea how many pictures I had to take. I never knew that I have shaky hands....

Uhm....why does it seems that I'm knitting even more than usual when the exam is approaching? Gotta be the stress. I've been dealing with lots of Maths lately. I'm actually pretty good at it, my biggest problem ever is that I can never memorise the formulas. That's why I'm so depressed having to work with Trigonometry, Algebra, Calculus,...the list is still quite long, but I don't wanna give you a headache.
And I think I'll give up my Physics, since I never really get a grasp after these 3 years. Thank God I'm pretty good at Chemistry, English and Malay. For your information, I study Chinese at school. I had to learn the Shakespeare equivalent in Chinese. And trust me, I think it's much harder than English literature.
Enough academic talk, I can see you all trying to find another blog to read.

My lovely SP has revealed herself, she's Janet!! C'mon guys, drop by her blog and say hi to her. I'd like to make a public THANK YOU for spoiling me for the past months!!!


Janet said...

You're welcome! It was fun to shop and send! :-)

Lauren said...

Your Kiri is lovely!

Kalendar Girl said...

The kiri is gorgeous!