Wednesday, July 27, 2005

B'day gift from SP!!

I came home today to this...

A birthday present from my fabulous SP!! I love this book, thank you!!!
It's been quite some time since I got anything in the mail other than bills. And talking about it...did you remember about my yarn purchase that haven't arrive after more than 3 weeks? Well..there seems to be a little confusion between me and the seller. I just found out yesterday that she sent it to my home back in Indonesia! I thought that it was kind of funny, remembering how anxious I was everytime I came home, wondering if they've arrived. Unfortunately the yarn still haven't reach there either. I'm a little disappointed that I won't be getting my much-awaited yarn, but to think on the bright side,it means that I'll have less luggage to carry back home at the end of the year. It was my biggest purchase ever, I got 57 skeins of yarn! I promised my dad that it'll the last time I'm using his credit card (for this year!), but now it seems that I'll have a reason to buy more...hehehehe...;D
Anyway, I've frogged Orangina once again(too small!), and my friends were more than happy to help me. They seemed to have a lot of fun frogging, since it's not them who knitted it. Orangina seemed to hate me, so maybe I'll just give us both a break. Meanwhile, I've been having a little fun knitting this

A toe-up sock using Knitpicks Simple Stripes. I love to see how the self-patterning yarn works! I started knitting with dpns, but soon switched to circular needle using the magic loop technique.
I've been itching to get some of the Hip Knits silk yarn. They look sooo... yummy! And there are even cashmere sock yarn! But it's way too pricey for me, so I'll stick to the silk yarn for the time being. Hoping to place an order next week, when they have more stocks. Can't wait!

Friday, July 22, 2005

As I promised, here's a picture of me wearing Tivoli.

And here's a close-up of the contrasting colour band with little lace pattern.

What do you think? I think it's really sweet ;)
I decided to start working on Orangina again yesterday, this time using only a single strand of DMC Petra, which is really fine. I cast on 2 pattern repeat less, but now I'm getting worried that it'll turn out too small instead. Whatever, I can always give it to my mom if it doesn't fit me.
I've been watching drama way too much lately, and way too little of much needed studying. Still no sign of my yarn purchase from Jannette in ebay....I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Well....I still have a lot to say, but my eye lids are getting really heavy. I'll take a nap now...Zz..z.z..z.Zz.Zz.....

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Finished....reading Harry Potter and knitting Tivoli

I got home really tired at 1 a.m. last Friday, and woke up at 6.10 a.m. on Saturday, so that I could go to pick up my pre-ordered Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Price. There were 2 of my friends coming too, so we go for yumcha afterwards (love it!). I read the first chapter while waiting for bus, but since reading in bus makes me dizzy, I have to really hold myself from opening the book. After I got home, I change clothes, then sat myself comfortably on the bed, and spent about 7 hours doing nothing else but reading. Then I got back to my knitting....
Tivoli is done, with a contrasting colour band and some little lace pattern. It's now blocking, so I'll post a picture some other time.
I'm getting a bit worried since my yarn purchase from ebay hasn't arrive yet. The other knitter have gotten theirs, and it's been 2 weeks!! I hope nothing goes wrong, since this is my biggest purchase ever (you'll see if they got here;D ).
Few hours till my birthday, and I'm having this Peter Pan syndrome. I never like birthdays, since it means I'm growing old. I know I'm still young, but turning 18 sounds like a big thing. I can now legally do a lot of stuffs, like smoking, get into a discotheque, etc. Stuffs that I don't really want to do anyway. I still can't enter a casino and have an eye laser surgery, not before I'm 21.
My dad has called 3 times and my mom once today...speaking of nothing that matters at all. Weird.
As for birthday present, I asked for a sewing machine from my mom. She thinks that I'm trying to be funny, before I told her 3 times. They told me to go out and celebrate with my friends, which I've been planning to, but I'm not really in the mood of celebration right now, so we'll see.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Almost an FO

Orangina? No. Gabby? No. Tivoli? Yes, please. Well, since my failure with Orangina, I've been knitting Tivoli non-stop (except at school, where I'm working with Gabby). I started last weekend and knit a-skein-a-day for 3 days, then another 2 skeins in 3 days, so I guess it's a quick knit. I haven't bind it off, since I actually still have another inch to go, but I'm running out of yarn. I'm using Knitpicks Shine in Blush, but I only have 5 skeins, while the pattern called for 6. I have another skein in Orchid, which I think will look good together. Here it is now...

Forgive the blurry picture, my flabby arm, my messy hair and my fat belly. I promise I'll post a better picture once it's done. The yarn is really nice to work with, smooth and shiny, BUT it does make me sneeze a lot.
It's my school's 55th anniversary tomorrow, so I'll be busy the whole day. And guess what, since we'll all be busy tomorrow, we got an extra holiday for Saturday, which means.....Yay!! I can pick up my Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince early in the morning! I can't believe there's only about 30 hours to go, can't wait!
I hereby stated that I won't be knitting even a stitch before I finish reading HP6.
And what's more, I'll be 18 in 3 days!!! Can't wait? Hardly.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Froggy, here I come...

This is supposed to be a happy post where I report on my knitting progress, but somehow everything went really wrong.
This is the (supposed to be) first part of Greta (my light green Orangina)

I've started the back too, then I realised that it is WAY TOO BIG (19" across! I might be big, but not THAT big, and cotton stretch!). Okay, I have to admit that I realised it 15" ago. I had choices, just keep on knitting and got an Orangina T-shirt, or dive the frog pond. I made my choice, and here it is

That's just 2" of the back, I don't have the heart to frog the front yet. I was knitting with 2 strands of DMC Petra on #5 bamboo. It turns out surprisingly nice, but not-so-surprisingly heavy. I swear that my straight needles are not so straight anymore! I think I'll start all over again and knit another swatch with single strand and smaller size needle. Then I'm going to knit it 1 or 2 repeat smaller, can't decide yet. So I guess I'll be the last one to finish in the KAL.
Here's another WIP that I haven't been showing here. I name her Gabby (Notice that I started naming my projects? It feels like naming my own children! Not that I would know how it feels, but I suppose it is). Here she is...

I was knitting one of the strap when I tried her on. And guess what? The bust was too big!! I'm moving 5" downward and am currently trying to pick up stitches(230++!) again. Then I'll start from the bust part, no more increasing this time. She is the one I mentioned before, the one that's knitted using Jaeger Siena and #3 needle. Does anyone notice that I stole the lace pattern from Soleil? What do you think?
So, I'm moving downwards while everybody are moving upwards. Wonder if I'll ever get my WIPs done...

Note: 57 more skeins of yarn coming soon!
Note 2: 9 days till Harry Potter 6 release!! 11 days till I'm 18!!