Friday, June 19, 2009

The show is over but my needles must go on...

This past month felt surreal to me. So much have happened but I can't be sure what.
One thing for sure, the show came and go.
I think it went pretty well even though I was in daze mostly throughout the 5-day show.

A lot of knitting happened too, but they kinda came and go without much documentation on my part. Bad blogger, I know. I am so behind on FOs to show you guys! Let me just tell you that there are a Clapotis, a summer cardigan and a shawl that I need to block and blog (pun not intended) about. And a pair of socks I finished in a week on commission for Socktopus.

I did manage to make myself take some pictures a couple of days ago though, so here's some eye candy for you...
Lace ribbon scarf
It's Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty! I'm sure you've seen it a million times, but here's my take on it. It's a really nice and easy pattern, very easy to memorise so perfect for carrying around. It was supposed to be my carry-around project but the yarn is sooooo amazing to work with that I had to restrain myself from knitting it at home! The yarn is Pagewood Farm Alyeska, and I got mine from Socktopus. It's soooo soft and bouncy and sproingy (it is a word in MY dictionary) and an absolute pleasure to work with. I was sighing with delight all the time while touching it, pretty sure my friends thought I was mad if they don't already.
Oh, the pretty tulip shawl pin I'm wearing in the picture is from this etsy store. Isn't it pretty? I would've love it more if only I didn't get stung by custom.
Here's a mini rant, I don't mind paying the £3.25 VAT, but £8 handling fee for 2 tiny boxes??? AGH! And did I ever tell you I got charged £49.50 for 2 knitted chairs that a knitter sent me from the States for my show? Double AGH!!
Ok, rant over. Here's more pretty pic.
Lace ribbon scarf
Think I'll make some more of this.

This one has been a long time coming.
Selbu Modern
Pretty sure I finished knitting this hat a couple of months ago, and it has been sitting under my pile of WIPs since then. There was a lot of uncertainty with this pattern. It went like this....."Is this too small?", "Will this fit my head?", "Wonder how far I can stretch this...", "Uh oh, this looks more like a beanie", "Dang, other people say it's too tight, should've used bigger needles", "Should I just frog this and start over??", "But surely blocking will fix this....". Maybe that's why I ended up ignoring it after it's finished.
Selbu ModernSelbu Modern
It is quite a tight fit and I had to add an extra repeat of the colourwork pattern to make it slouchy enough, but it kinda works. Especially with my "new" hairstyle. Oh and the yarn is gorgeous, it's Knittery Merino Cashmere 4ply and it smells goooooddd........yes I sniff my yarn.