Monday, September 26, 2005

Ta Daaaa....!!!

I had to frog this thing twice, but it's finally done!!

Sorry for the blurry pic, I gotta get a decent digital camera soon, one that could work with my shaky hand. If you can't see clearly, there's a cable running in the centre.
I'm so glad that it's done!! Hope I'll get a chance to wear it soon, but I'll need to find those transparent bra straps first...I know I've got them somewhere.
Wanna know what I've been doing lately?

Yep, crochet!! I desperately want to make this bag from a Japanese pattern book I bought back in Jakarta.

Pretty, isn't it? I took me quite some time to understand those Japanese pattern. Now I know that I'm more of a literal than visual person. I can understand written pattern much better than charts. And I cried when I read novels much more often than movies.
Remember the scarf for my teacher that I said was waayyyy too short? Well...since all I can get here is a much finer yarn(same brand, same colour), I decided to do some crochet(again!) to add some length.

See? Instead of admitting to being stupid enough to knit something knowing that I don't have enough yarn, I can say that I've been planning to do this from the start.
I know, I know...I've been doing more crochet than knitting lately. I think crochet is great and fun, but I don't think I'll be able to crochet anything big. I'll stick to those cute little stuffs. I think I can see more crocheted flowers in the future. Anyway, I'm in love with Kim Hargreaves collection. Too bad the pattern only comes in kit, and since I'm supposed to be in yarn diet, I think I'll stay away from it for good.
And yeah, my exam ended last Friday. So I was kinda taking some rest for this weekend. Catching up with lots of much needed sleep.
How did I do? Oh well....I, just as expected, did really bad in Physics and Biology. Told ya I never like those subjects. I failed my Advance Maths too, but at least I'm not as clueless as I was with my Physics. I'm quite pleased with my Chemistry result though, I love Chemistry!! If I found out that design is not for me, I think I'd love being a cosmetic chemist.
Anyway, I got a little gift from my SP ;)

Thanks SP, those candles are really cute!!
Anyway, I just found out that my SP is from Singapore!! next exam, a.k.a THE EXAM, is in less than 3 weeks. I really don't want to mess up with this one. My dad had been asking about my marks lately. He always has this sky high expectation in me, which is really annoying and pressuring. I hate being pressured, especially when he expects me to be the best in every thing. But since I've been using LOTS of his money, I'll try to do my best. Talk about being a good daughter.


erin said...

Congrats on your new top. It fits so well and looks great! I love the crochet flower sqaure too, especially the way the flower pops up.

Mimi said...

You look really cute on your new top and OSW. I also like the crochet bag. I'll look forward to see it done!

knitties said...

That's a really cute tube and shrug combo! Love it! On a slightly more techie note, try a tripod... it helps if you have shaky hands :-)

Vanessa said...

Great job girl! What a nice combo you got there and it fits you so well.

happyspider said...

looking good!!! cable is present and correct!

knottyknitpicks said...

i'm inspired!! i LOVE the cabled tube top with the osw!!!! you are so talented.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to know those pants are too tight for you.