Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My new and heavenly yarns....don't they look yummy??

My current project...any idea what it'll become?

New yarn for me!!! yippieee!!!

Last Saturday, I went to KL with my friends and skip 1 day class ( don't tell anyone, k?). One thing that I love the most about KL is that there are lots more yarn shopr there, though I've only discover 2 so far (can anyone recommend any good yarn store?). When I went to KL few months ago, I spent 3 days going to shopping centres and I only found 1 shops on my last day there. Anyway, this time I accidentally discover another shop and I was sooo.... excited to see new variety of yarns. I spent an hour there chatting with the friendly shop owner and bought 7 skeins of yarn.
What I bought was 4 skeins of Schachenmayr Micro, 1 Micro Color and 2 skeins of Miami cotton. When my friends ask me what I'm going to make out of it, I just answer the usual 'I don't know yet'. But, soon after I finish my current project, I'll have a secret conversation with my new yarns and ask them what they want to be. I'm really tempted to start a new project and put aside my current one, but it would be such a sin, so I'll have to finish it quickly. Problem is, I don't even know what my current project will be....could it be a top, a sweater, a tube or a tank??? I've only made 17cm of ribbing pattern on circular needle and I've changed my mind for thousands of time.
Well, for anyone in Malaysia, how was yesterday's quake? was it really that bad?
I was asleep and only found out about it this morning when I read a sms from my friend asking if I was alright.
Best of all, and God bless us.

Monday, March 21, 2005

It's quite interesting, though I'm not sure I'll be able to do anything in this book. Posted by Hello

My new hair scrunchie, it doesn't show on the photo, but it's really soft and shiny, I used Sirdar Snowflake for this one. Posted by Hello

My knitted iPod cover, so..cute and snuggly Posted by Hello

Last Day Of Holiday--- ;( or ;) ?

Well....after a full week of idling around (ok, not axactly...but still...), I finally get to go back to my monotone school life. I've got a mixed feeling on this, I'm glad that I got to see my friends but I dreaded having to stay on those boring classes.
Anyway, this week had been a quite productive week after all. I finished knitting another handbag ,started on a new project and knit a hair scrunchie today(which I'm wearing now). I watched another Hong Kong's 25-series film, went to UK Edu Expo and finally took my IELTS exam yesterday.
Going to the expo reminds me over and over again that I REALLY HAVE TO make a portfolio if I want to apply for a design course. I'm still clueless of what to do, but at least I've made 2 fashion sketches since Thursday and I bought a book called ADVERTISING ILLUSTRATION Step-by-step Techniques yesterday.
I made some attemp to work with clay again today, but those paper clay are hopeless and really hard to model. I'm not sure if it's because I bought them years ago, but I suspect that it is because the whole thing just won't stick together no matter how many times I add water.
I went to the gym twice this week, which is bad, since I usually went there at least 3 times a week when I have school. I used up my Personal Training coupons on those 2 times and burned few hundred calories, which is nice, but quite useless since I've been eating non-stop this week.
I passed an indian mini-market yesterday during the IELTS break and bought a Henna paste. I made 2 tattoos just now, one on my left arm and one on the inner side of my right feet. I didn't make any design first, so it turned out kind of strange.
Well... wish me all the best... I really hope that I have the determination and commitment to make a really good portfolio and lose 15 kg before my graduation.