Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another FO? Why not?

Two Skeins Wonder

I finally did it!! This pattern had been around in my file for quite some time, and I even lost it once. Fortunately, Stephanie sent me another one immediately after I emailed her ;)
I'm quite hesitant to put up this picture, you know. Because it seems to be so focused on my....boobs(I'm feeling kinda weird saying this).
But still, I'm loving this little babe!! I think that the colours combination looks great, that I decided to knit a top to go with it!

The ribbing is knitted with Sirdar Breeze, which is surprisingly nice. My friend thought that my OSW looks so cute, so I offered to knit her one. She likes the colours combination, so I'll knit another one just like mine for her, only in much smaller size ;p.

Would you like to take a peek at what arrives in the mail today? C'mon, admit it, I know you hold your breath...

Yep, they're the amazing HipKnits silk!! Aren't the colours beautiful?? Notice those sheen? The yarn feels very different to my hands, I don't think I've ever came across yarn with such crispness(now I sound like I'm talking about potato chips). See the green and baby blue single hanks? I'm planning to knit some more OSW with them ;). And the 3 pink hanks? Well....who knows what they'll be, I'll be just happy to have them sit in my stash.

May I rant now? I want to rant about....ZITS.
I used to have smooth skin, with the occasional tiny zits. People used to ask me the secret to my smooth complexion.
But NOW? These HUGE ZITS have been poping up non-stop since last month, and I have no idea why. People notice, and they make comments about it. I'm getting a little bit frustrated about this...maybe I should make a facial appointment soon.


anna said...

oh that OSW is so cute! love the silk. you're right it's very 'crisp', and i find it squeaky when i'm knitting with it too, it definitely takes a few rows to get used to it. but it's wonderfully soft and cool on the fingers.

Anonymous said...


It's your secret pal 6 stopping by to say hello. It's my first time participating, I hope I do OK.


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! I almost forgot to ask where your questionaire is.. Thank you!

Your pal.

Laura.Y said...

Cute OSW! And I'm drooling over your new buy. Lovely colors!

Tracy said...

They make wonderful OSW's I can tell you. I love Hipknits silk as you know! Your OSW looks great and if you're going to show one I think the boobs go with the territory. I'm sure the dratted zits are only temporary. I bet people don't notice half as much as you think.

GretchenX said...

YAY!!! Your silk came in!!! I just saw your post on my blog about waiting for your silk!! I had a bit of a wait myself to get my last order, but it was worth it!! I'm hoping to get pictures up soon.

But on a more important note, I LOVE your One Skein Wonder!! I think it's adorable!!! I don't have the nerve to make one yet, but maybe I just don't have the right yarn for it yet!

Vanessa said...

Hey there, love your OSW. Nice color combinations and your new spree. I'm drooling right now.
hahhah..speaking about zits..I'm kinda having the same problem too. I think you're over stressed because of your upcoming exam.Try drink more water and relax k.

joy said...

Your OSW looks great on you!! Wonderful color combo. And I really must get some of that silk!