Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flo-ing along

That's all I've got after 12 days of knitting. A back, a sleeve and a front. The front and sleeve went pretty quick, but I reached a slump when working on the back.
So I guess logically speaking there's no way I could get it done in time for the Olympics' Closing Ceremonies, but I'll be knitting along anyway. My goal is no longer the gold medal, but simply to have a cardigan done and hoping it'll turn out beautifully.

I'm a bit disappointed at my productivity this holiday. This is my last 'real' summer holiday since I'll be graduating next year and have to face the 'real world' that I'm not sure I'm ready for. I thought I could get so much done during this holiday, with lots of knitting, sewing and designing projects planned. But, in reality, the sewing machine is still unseen and I haven't done any preparation for my third year dissertation.
Oh well, at least I did get two wisdom teeth extracted and hopefully a cardigan ready for autumn when this summer holiday ends.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Home report

Time really flies when you're on holiday, doesn't it? I've only been home for a bit more than month but a lot has happened.
The big thing was I turned TWENTY ONE!! I can't believe that I'm legally an adult now and the next time I go to the States I can actually go wine tasting (I only got to babysit for my cousin only 2 months ago, hah!). Of course I still feel like a 17 years old inside...
I never got to have a birthday party as a child since my birthday is either on school holiday or first day of school. So this year we had a "small" family gathering with 50 selected guests from the big family. Mostly people were just busy eating and there were no singing or blowing candles, but it was great to see some of my cousins and my hyperactive nephews.

A good friend of mine was visiting and wanted to go to Bali, so...

I've been to Bali a lot of times, but never with an actual tourist, and it made all the difference and I got to see the island from a different perspective.
Oh, and I went diving for the first time! It was scary as hell and the water wasn't very clear but I'm already itching to dive again.

To me, going home means taking care of myself. That includes hair cut, manicure and pedicure, facial, blood test, and.....going to the dentist. This year one of my wisdom teeth had to be extracted. The extraction itself didn't really hurt (except for when the needle was going into my gum, and then the drill was buzzing in my ears and the dental surgeon had to use a screwdriver), but the swelling is really uncomfortable and makes me look fat. I guess just one thing you have to get through to be an adult. I envy those of you who don't have to go through this, really.

I realise this is a knitting blog, so let's talk about some knitting! I've been between projects ever since I came home. Ene's scarf got a little progress and I believe it's now halfway done. I managed to finish one side of Bayerische socks and almost one side of Fiori di Zucca socks(Socktopus sock club's 4th installment). Ivy League vest only got about 2" of progress. I cast on for a stripey sock and I'm up to the first leg.
BUT, all of those WIPs will have to wait for 17 days because of...

I'll be competing in Sweater Sprint for...

So for the next 16 days all I'll be knitting is FLO. Yep, you heard me right. I actually picked a cardigan with RUFFLES in 4 ply yarn. Guess I wasn't thinking straight when I picked the project. I've cast on and knit for a few hours now but all I've got is 2.5" of sleeves. I'll be swimming in stockinette sea. Please cheer me on so I don't drown!