Monday, August 22, 2005


I don't know where to start...I think it's kinda hard after almost 2 weeks not updating :). Well..first, I got a parcel from last week, but I don't know who gave it to me. My only guess is, of course, SP!!
See, there are enough yarns for 3 pairs of socks!! But as you might have noticed, I've never finished any pair of socks!!
I went to Genting Highlands last friday to meet my parents, they were having a brief holiday there(mostly spent at the casino, of course). I had to accompany some of my dad's friends (the wives!!) with my mom shopping at KL for a few hours. I never have any mood for shopping going out with them, but look what I bought!!

Finally!! A digicam for ME!! Now I can say adios to blurry pictures!! This little cutie will definitely be my new best friends ;D And yes, it's orange!!!
Would any of you remeber the stripey cardigan I knit for my mom? No, it's now an FO yet, but I've been seaming it hoping I could gave it to my mom. Seems I'll have to wait till Nov. Anyway, I got her to try it out for me.
Sshh...she doesn't know that I'm going to put it here. She doesn't know that I've got a blog, and I don't even think she knows what a blog is. What do you think?? I'm glad that it fits, now I'll just have to knit the button band and it's done!!
But for now, I think I'll work on Lucky first. I'm knitting the very long neck band now. But I've seamed the sleeves to the front and back, check it out.
I have a really strong hunch that the sleeves won't fit ;(
Let's far I've put 4 pics in this post...shall I put another one? Oh well... take a look at this one
Rowan polar bought from ebay. I was expecting the colour to be sharp pink, but as you can see, it's VERY purple. Now, I can handle bright pink, but I don't think I can handle bright purple. Well...there's nothing I can do anyway.
I've got a week holiday now, so I shall enjoy myself,
Everyone, have a nice week!!


Anonymous said...

Hee hee... yup, the Elann sock yarn was me! ;-)

I'm *encourgaging* you to finish some socks!!


Doreen said...

Hi Yuvee,

Wow, at a glance I thought that lady was your sister or friend. Never cross my mind that she is your mom. She really looks young.

Tracy said...

A very young looking mum you have there and yes the cardy looks great. Lovely package from your secret pal by the way.

tanti said...

good stripe cardi, lovely color and the yarns from elann look cute :)

Sally said...

Your works are amazing! Congratulations on that, you look like a very perfectionist knitter. Congratulations truly. :)
Keep the good work!


emy said...

Wow, seems like your mom will enjoy that top!