Thursday, June 22, 2006

Diamond Fantasy Shawl

Diamond Fantasy Shawl

Pattern source : Sivia Harding
Yarn : Regia Silk Uni 02 Natur 3 balls
Needle : Addi Turbo 4 mm

I LOVE IT!!! The yarn is perfect, the pattern is great and super easy, even the size turns out perfect! I'm already wanting another one on my needles ;)

Meanwhile, I cast on for Flower Basket Shawl last night.

The yarn is Regia Silk again, the pattern is easy too. Should be perfect, right? Then why does it feel so wrong?
I love pink, I'm definitely a pink type of girl. Hey, I'm even wearing a pink nighties now! But this pink, I don't know why, I just can't stand it.
What do you guys think? Should I just keep knitting it then give it to my mom? Or should I frog for the best and get rid of the yarn?

Anyway, thanks SO MUCH for all your compliments on Orangina. I always wanted to be the type of blogger who reply to every comments, but how could I do that if most of them are coming from no-reply comments? Oh, blogger...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Pattern source :
Yarn : 2 skeins Sirdar Pure Cotton 4ply, great value
Needle : Clover circular bamboo 3.25 cm
Modification : Longer lace, shorter ribbing

This project had been going on forever! If you remember, I had a failed attempt at this project long time ago. I'm so glad that it's finally done and I love the fit too! Well...maybe I'm not too keen on showing off my king kong arms, but people here don't seem to care that much, so the hell with it! It should be getting lots of wear this summer, but first I'll need to wash it because I spilled some orange juice on it.

Anyway, remember my last post? You don't think I'd give up that easily on yarns, do you? I went there last Saturday, and look at what I got!

A skein of Lana Grossa sock yarn, the colours look real fun that I just couldn't pass it. 2 hanks of Koigu, first ever and definitely won't be my last.
Then this Handmaiden Seasilk...

...truly amazing yarn. It's so gorgeous I want to have an affair with it. The's like spun precious. I had a real tough time deciding on the colour because they're all gorgeous. And even though it smells like seaweed I still keep wanting to rub it all over my face. Worth skipping lunch for 5 days? Absolutely.
Oh, and the store is lovely too, nice people, lovely yarns. Definitely worth the trip. I even bumped into Polly there!*waves*

Other knitting news, DFS is all done, just need to find me a photographer, and I miss having her on my needle. I've got some new projects on my needle, share with you soon ;)

ETA: SP, don't worry about the address, I'm using my school address for correspondence ;)

Friday, June 16, 2006


After reading this post from Anna, I've been dreaming about this yarn store. So when my friend asked me to accompany her to London to look for accomodation, I jumped at the opportunity to visit the shop once we're done with her business.
So how could I be not heartbroken that when we got there, I just realised that the shop was already closed 5 minutes ago? It was a close call to screaming and weeping, but believe me when I say that it wrenched me inside. I mean, I just missed my first chance to see Koigu, Lorna's Laces, Handmaiden....ahhh....I can't go on, otherwise my keyboard would be broken because of my flooding tears.
I'm sure you guys would understand my pain. I have to go to London again on Sunday to help my friend moves, but the store won't be open that day. Hmmm...just realise that Loop is. Yay!

Talking about moving, I just moved host family yesterday. It was a downright nightmare. My stuffs must have multiplying behind my back. TWO cabs were barely enough to fit all of them. My former hostfather was shocked, my new hostfamily was speechless...but I heard her mutter something like " won't fit". The new house is out of nowhere, but I shall survive for 2 months. Anyway, I'll be in real trouble with the amount of my stuffs when I go to university, so I *might* have to...uhm...destash. We'll see if I can find anything I can bear to part with.

Knitting wise, I've been quite faithful to Diamond Fantasy Shawl lately. But I get really confused because it never seems to grow big enough for me.

Here's 9 repeats of it, it's supposed to be huge by now. I'm using 4mm needle with fingering weight yarn.
So I came to some conclusions:
-I'm a seriously tight knitter.
-The shawl will magically grow twice its size now once blocked.
-It's not the shawl's fault, I'm THE ONE that grows bigger.

What do you reckon?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Toothache is worse than heartache

That's how I've been feeling lately. My life these few days have been miserable because of the toothache. Thank God for Nurofen. I guess that's my excuse for the long gap between posts.

Lucky I've got these pretty yarns to keep me company while I'm feeling down and not wanting to get out of my room.
I used to say that I don't wear blue. It makes me look dead and pale. But now, thanks to Project Spectrum, I've been stocking up pretty blues in my stash and wardrobe. There are still some blues I just can't imagine myself wearing, like those Jaeger Trinity up there, but they'll make pretty accessories.

Gee, I've got nothing more to say, blame the teeth.
Knitting wise, it's been great, I've got TWO new FOs to show you! But they still need to be blocked, so please be patient. Meanwhile I just cast on for Diamond Fantasy Shawl yesterday and I'm loving it!
I'll see you next time after the evil visit to dentist is over.