Thursday, June 30, 2005

Triple Happiness

Don't you just love it when you come home feeling really tired after school and found these waiting for you at home.

Yep, they are gifts from my SP and purchase from Cara. Can you imagine my excitement? I feel like a little kid opening my Christmas present. I can't stop grinning while I'm opening the gifts, and my grin got even wider when I saw what's hidden inside. Here...

There is Susanne's Ebony circular needle size 5.00 mm, which would be perfect for my project using Merino Style. Then there are 2 cards of R2 yarn, which I think would be really fun to work with, really cute beaded stitch markers (my first!), the knitter's handy guide to Yarn Requirements (which just proved that my Merino Style won't be enough to knit a sweater), yummy dark chocolate (which I'm currently enjoying. SP, how can you know that dark chocolate is my favourite?), and a big bar of soap that I forgot to photograph (it smells so good!). And as if those are not enough, there's this SnB journal, which I REALLY wanted.
SP, I really thank you for giving such wonderful gifts, you're the best!!!
P.S. : Do you realize there's a name with the billing address inside the Amazon envelope? I'll play detective and try to find your blog among the huge participants list ;)

Well, here's my purchase from Cara.

8 skeins of Katia Regata, 4 skeins of Katia Mississipi Print in 2 different colourways and a Katia magazine.
If you look at the title, it says Triple. I went out after school and went to the LYSs in a mission to find the perfect yarn for Orangina (I'm in the KAL! Look at the sidebar). I didn't find it, instead I bought these

Actually I'd rather knit the whole Orangina with the millefili cotton yarn. Unfortunately, my LYS only have 2 balls left, so I opted for the DMC Petra instead. I'm now considering using the Millefili for the ribbing part, wonder how it'll turn out. I knit a swatch using Miami cotton yarn in a very lovely bright blue shade. Then again, I only have 1 ball of that colour, and I really don't think a stripey Orangina will look good. All the cotton yarn I can find in the LYSs are either too dark and dull, or they don't have enough stocks. I hope Orangina will work out well with this yarn, I'll start swatching tonight.
I'm having a cold sores outbreak so I went to the pharmacy to get the medicine. Can you believe that a 2gr tube of cream costs me RM 41.55? It's more than US$10.00!!
I hate having herpes, but I'm still thankful that it's ONLY on my lips. If you know what I mean....

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


There's something really wrong with me.
Last Friday, I took an early leave from school and went to KL, skipping 2 days of school and just got back yesterday night. I was really tired, and yet, I can't sleep until 2 am. Now, it's 3:28 AM and I just took my shower. I woke up, thinking that I'm late (I usually wake up at 5:45 AM sharp). Strange thing is, I did look at my phone (aka my alarm) and saw that it's 3 something, but it still didn't occur to me until I came out from the shower. Now my hair is all wet and there's no way I can get back to bed. This of course means another sleepy day at school.
During my trip to KL, I didn't buy any yarn, but I did get these.

Last week my order of Rowan 4-ply cotton for Lucky arrived, and I was really disappointed. The colour was so not-me and dull (the colour is Allure) and the texture was not something I would expect to be getting from Rowan too. But since I ordered 10 skeins of them, I guess I should just knit with them anyway. I made a swatch for Lucky, I hope this would work out and that I have enough motivation to finish it. Well, I ordered some Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden too, love 'em. I'll knit the Spring Armwarmers from SnBN with the Kureyon.

On the knitting front, I've been trying to knit something from my own design using Jaeger Siena. It's been growing really slowly, considering I started off with 300 stitches on my needle and a gauge of 7sts/1". I'm in a real need of some FO, realising I haven't had any for quite a long time and looking at other knitters blogs to see great FOs at once. Maybe I should start knitting a dish cloth.

Monday, June 20, 2005

First Sock

That's right, I finally knitted my first sock ever. First, I made this training sock.

It's really cute and I just can't help but to show it off to my classmates. They immediately wanted it and I finally gave it to my friend who sit next to me so that she can use it as a mobile phone cover. I'll definitely knit more of them, they're so easy and fast to knit!
Then, I knit this sock using the pattern provided by the First Sock Knitter KAL. They're pretty easy and quick to knit since the pattern is using #6 dpns. I'm using the superwash merino wool from MCY. As you can see, the colour is really variagated and it changes every quarter row.

Anyway, please don't mind my big and ugly foot. I had to really stretch the sock before I can wear it. Lesson learned, if you have big feet and big ankles, then knit big socks. And yeah, I did say 'sock', not 'socks'. I'm not planning to knit another one of this, since I know that it won't fit anyway.

This goes out to I tried to email you twice but I got a delivery failure notification both times. I hope you're reading this, visit the Golden Dragon at People's Park Center 02#51. They stock lots of Rowan, Jaeger, Sirdar, Japanese yarns and lots more! I'm sure you'll like it there.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Back again

I came back from Indonesia yesterday, and had the same strange feeling I have when I have to leave home. It sure is not a good feeling, and I've been through the same thing over and over again for the past 7 years.
Anyway, here's the pictures of my new yarns as promised. Feast your eyes!!

Some knitting mags from Singapore, so glad to find them, not so glad with the price though. And check out those great CashCotton, they're sooo....soft. I only got 6 skeins though, not sure what I could knit out of it. Would it be enough for NBaT?

The lovely Jaeger siena, I absolutely love this yarn!! And 10 skeins of Merino Style from KnitPicks, I'm looking for a sweater pattern for this. Preparation for my future, if I get to move to somewhere with real seasons.

Shine is a really lovely yarn, I'm planning to knit a top with this, any pattern ideas? See those brilliant colours I got for Wool of Andes? Time for some felting!!

Some Sirdar Breeze to knit Cozy from Knitty Fall 04, or maybe another wrap pattern. It'll be a gift for my teacher when I graduate. Those 2 Patons PowderPuff will be a case for my notebook, then maybe I'll knit Candy Stripers from SnBN and use it as a lining.

A skein of Alpaca Cloud, and another 2 skeins of Merino Style. I'll be knitting something lacy from the Alpaca Cloud. Then there are my MCY , the colour are a bit different from what I saw on their website, but they're still pretty anyway.

I wanted to knit this top from Knitter's mag, it's called Squash Blossom. I planned to use Siena and I made the swatches, but I still can't get the gauge. Siena has a real fine gauge with 28 sts/4". I tried using larger needle, but I hate how it turns out, I love it when my stitches are tight. 2 skeins of sock yarn, I'm currently looking for an easy pattern to knit my first sock. Preferably using Magic Loop technique, since I suck with dpns.

Last but not the least, I got 2 skeins of Shimmer in the colour Happy Dance (I love that name!). I think I could knit a big Kiri with this, what do you think about Kiri in variagated colour?
My mom thinks that I've got enough yarn for a whole year, but I'm sure you'll understand my need to buy more ;) I've been itching to shop online again, since I still can't find Rowan 4-ply cotton for my Lucky.
Anyway, I'm currently knitting the second sleeve of my mom's cardigan. I'm hating it, and I'm really unsure about how it turns out. Oh, and my sleeve caps looks really ugly. Hope I can finish it as fast as possible and get it out of my sight. I hate finishing, there are thousands of ends to weave, and lots of edges to seams, Aaarrrghhh!!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm home!!!

Hi everyone!!! So, I'm finally at home now ;)
I had a not-so-great time in Singapore, shopping with my mom, 3 aunts and an uncle can be really tiring, especially when they complain about almost everything and anything. But fortunately, I did get to do some yarn shopping there.
I was hoping to show off all my new yarns here, but I can't post pictures using my bro's compie, too bad.
I got some Jaeger Sienna, RYC Cashcotton, Patons Powderpuff, Sirdar Breeze, some knitting mags and Rowan 37. Sure enough, my mom was complaning about my spending. I got home yesterday and finally 'met' my yummy yummy Knitpicks yarn. I'm really going to show you all of them once I get back to my own Vaio notebook.
Now, for some ranting. I was really annoyed by my mom. She was offering my aunts and uncles for me to knit them something. And she asked me to knit her this and that. Does she think that knitting can be done in a snap? For God's sake, I knit for someone because I want to, and not everyone deserve a hand-knitted gifts. She even asked me to make a big rug for her to put on the floor. It was really lucky that I could hold my tongue.
Anyway, I'm now all happy to be home again. Guess there's no place like home, eh?