Sunday, May 01, 2005

Look at this!! Another FO, I can't believe that I finished it in 5 days. I know that lots of you can knit it faster than me, but I'm really proud of myself. I made 38 repeats out of the KSH and still have leftover enough for more than 2 repeats. This yarn is REALLY long, and it get fuzzier as the ball get smaller. I think that my Branching Out is really long, I think it's around 75 inches. Anyway, see my friend modelling it for me? Mr.Bunny is actually almost 17 years old, he is exactly a year younger than me. His name had changed hundreds of times, but for now he prefer to be known as Mr. Bunny. And can you see Rover beside him? I just have this weakness for red dog with innocent face. I haven't block it yet, cos I'm not sure how, can anyone tell me the right way to block KSH?


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Michelle said...

Waow ... what a nice and fast FO, great job.