Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm good, really...

Thanks a million to everyone's support, you all really made my day. I was smiling again, even though I failed that really really stupid driving test for the second time.
In order to comfort myself, I ehm...went for a little yarn shopping just now. That was the first time I ever spent that much money on yarn in a go. I swear that I never buy 12 skeins of yarn at once before. I usually bought it one by one. But it turns out that my mom doesn't want a summer top and requested for a blue long sleeved cardigan. So I bought 7 skeins of Japanese Egyptian Cotton yarn at once, because that's all they've got left. I can't risk running out of yarn, even though I'm not even sure 7 would be enough, since they're only 40g per skein.
Check out my new yarns....

On the top of the picture are 3 odd balls of yarn which are only RM 5 each. See that electric blue mohair?? It's amazing!
On the center are the blue cotton yarns. Like I said before, blue is not really my colour, but for the sake of mom, blue that is.
On the bottom are 2 skeins of 100% wool yarn to make the Marsupial Tote from SnB. I had a really hard time making colour decision, but I got my eyes set on the teal colour. I only bought 2 skeins because I'm not sure which colour should be the bottom and the top part. Anyway, my gauge will be totally off, since the pattern uses 10mm needle and mine will be worked with 4/5mm.
And Mimi, to show that your advice works, here's another picture. Thanks again!!

I guess that everyone can tell how much yarn shopping could cheers me up ;) I feel much better now.
Uh..sorry, one more thing, can anyone suggest on a cotton cardigan pattern? Long or 3/4 sleeved and with buttons, preferably with a little lace, so that I don't get bored that easily. Thanks ;)


Michelle said...

Waoh, you did another yarn shopping to cheer you up, will it give any spending control while you're in KL later this week? I like the light blue yarn in the middle, I'm a blue lover :)

opportunityknits said...

Glad you're cheered up with yarn! The blue cotton for your mum is lovely. I am also plotting a cardigan for my mum too. Have you tried this site for free patterns? http://www.berroco.com/pl_free_pattern_index.html

Mimi said...

Nothing like pretty yarns to cheer up! I have used the Egyptian cotton yarn many times and I found it to be great to work with. I think you will need more yarn for long sleeves. On my Pink Beryl, I used 6 1/2 so far without the crochet border.
I see you are going to be posting a lot pictures from now on....:)