Monday, May 09, 2005


Gosh...I'm sure feeling a little bit depressed lately. School sucks, with exam coming really soon and so many activities keeping me away from class for weeks. My second driving test is tomorrow, and my heart is thumping loudly just thinking of it. I really want to pass this STUPID test and get my car, or at least my driving license soon. I've been eating like a bloating pig lately, so I guess my goal to lose 15 kg is getting further and furhter. Then, my dream of going to uni in UK seems to be drifting away from me. Maybe I just don't have the talent, or how the hell would I know if I do??? I'm more clueless than ever about that portfolio thing, how can I know what to make without any knowledge??? I mean, I'm supposed to learn about it in uni right? Isn't that what people goes to uni for? Then why am I being expected to be able to make great design in order to apply? AARrrGgGhHhH!!! And as if all that aren't bad enough, my hair is getting less and less, and the center hairline is getting more and more visible. Am I going to be bald at 18???

Uh well....enough ranting I guess, on the knitting front, I'm still working on my mini cardigan, but I assure you that I'm progressing. I accidentally left my knitting with my friend last saturday and only get it back today, so I spent yesterday trying to knit a mini-Branching Out with the left over KSH and size 0 needle to make a bookmark. More post on my knitting as soon as I'm done with mini cardigan.

I'm going to try and personalise my blog by using my limited knowledge of half-learned HTML. Hope it'll come out fine, even though I still can't figure out the way to send more than 1 picture using Hello and to put buttons on my sidebar. HELP please????

One last thing, I'm going to KL this weekend, hope that I can sneak out from my big group and go yarn shopping. Can't wait for new yarns....I'll need lots of cotton, been planning to make a cotton top for mami (mom, that's it) and Lucky Clover Wrap from SnB for me. There's a KAL for Lucky going on, but I can't figure out a way to join too. I'm such an idiot blogger. And oh yeah, I've been trying to register for sp5, still waiting for response though.

Today's post is way too long, anyone still reading at this point??


Michelle said...

You seem coming down to KL quite frequent oh ... You been to the Jet Sun Trading during your last trip, maybe you can visit them again for their Japanese cotton yarn, and the Miami cotton yarn also not too bad, but almost run out of stock liao ... In fact, the Miami cotton yarn is very much similar with the Rowan Cotton Glace.
Have a nice KL trip and enjoy your shopping.

opportunityknits said...

Yuvee, keep your chin up! You're a talented girl, hey you thought of making a book mark with branching out right? Ok, I've never been to product design school, but could your knitting form part of that portfolio? And for the record, I read your post right till the end. I remember eating lots of snacks every time I had to take exams too! Hope you find your cotton yarn in the prettiest colours! Take care and best wishes on those exams.

Laura.Y said...

sorry to hear about ur rough time at school. cheer up! it'll pass. Come on over ot KL and we could all meet up. Havn'e seen michelle yet too..:)

Peggy said...

Yuvee, sorry to hear you are having such a bad day. I'm sure it's very stressful having everything happen at once. Hope shopping in KL can cheer you up!