Sunday, May 22, 2005

I'm Tagged!!

Well, I'm tagged by Peggy for the book meme. I've been reading it at everyone's blog, and now it's my turn (at last ;P)!
Here it is...

Total number of books in your house...
Um...does comic counts?? I have around 100 books in my room here, and around 300 more in my home back in Jakarta. Anyway, if comic counts, then make it 500.

The last book you bought was...
Last-Minute Knitted Gifts and Hot Knits. I rarely ever buy books other than knitting books anymore, I simply borrow them from my school library.

The last book you read was...
Well, the last book that I bought that is.

5(or 6) books you often read or meant a lot to you...
None, I rarely read my books more than twice. But here are my favs:

-All thrillers by Dan Brown, John Grisham and Sidney Sheldon, they're superb!I have to admit that I love BestSellers.

-All Harry Potter series, I said that I'm a fan right??? And they do mean a lot to me, I cried when I read the 4th book. Oh, and I finished the 4th and 5th books in 1 day.

-All mysteries by Agatha Christie, I've read all of them and own most, trust me.

-Romances in the Harlequin series, corky, I know, but I own around 100 of them anyway.

-I bought a book entitled 'What If?' few years ago, I can't remember the author, since I left the book in my cousin's house in Singapore. It's funny, but it also quite thought-provoking ;) To prove it, I still remember it after 4 years not seeing it, that's quite something.
-And Enid Blyton's series, read them since primary school, still love them now. My fav is the Malory Tower and St. Clare series.

Who are you going to pass this to and why?
Um...I dunno, seems like everyone else had been tagged.


Mimi said...

I also read many series of Agatha Christie but that was a long time ago. :)
Nowadays, I am more into knitting books too!!

Lauren said...

I love Last Minute Knitted Gifts--there are so many pretty patterns in there! :)

The What If? book you are referring to: is that the one about what would have changed in history if certain things did not happen? That always looked interesting to me...

Take care, Yuvi!