Monday, October 31, 2005

a pair of sockS

Yep, that's right. I finally finished a PAIR of sockS. Woohoo!!
Thanks to Janet for the yarn, Anna for the beautiful pattern and Lolly for hosting Socktoberfest. Without them, I would have to wear different socks on each foot. Ehm....not that I would mind.
What about another picture?

I finished another TWO FOs during the weekend, but they're both unblocked, so I'll show them later ;)

Well, my dad originally wanted to come here to see me, but since I'll be busy preparing for the prom(the decorating, not the shopping), he decided not to come. BUT then, today he told me that he's going to Hong Kong tomorrow. Not just him actually, but my whole family. Not fair! I haven't been to Hong Kong for 4 years!
I'll be visiting Singapore again soon though, so...I'll make it up by buying some more nice yarn for myself ;D
I don't think I'll have much time to knit this week, but after the prom (which is next Monday), I'll be free, really free. I originally wanted to stay here longer, but since most of my friends are leaving, and those who stay only intend to be with their bf, I might as well go back to Jakarta earlier, get myself a sewing machine, and have some fun!

Happy Halloween everyone!

P.S : Thank you very much for everyone's comments and supports on my last post. I really appreciate it :)


happyspider said...

wow yuvee, your socks look great! and comfy too :)
a sewing machine sounds like a lot of fun indeed :) enjoy your break

Vanessa said...

Oh darn it! I bet it will be fun to visit HK, especially with the new disney. But Sg is not a bad idea afterall, atleast you can stock up some rowan yarn from golden dragon. Have a great time!

Acornbud said...

So nice and colorful. I love them.

Laura.Y said...

Congrats on ur graduation dearie! You are going to have such fun with the prom :) Lovely socks too.

Lolly said...

Now those are some SOCKS! Love the bright colors :) Thanks a lot for being part of the knitalong!

JustApril said...

happy, happy socks - those! love the colorway

Mimi said...

Great socks, they fit you perfectly! Things seem to be really good for you! No more stress from school and soon a lot of time for knitting! ;)
Have a really good time in Singapore and treat yourself with some yarns!!! :D

candsmom said...

Your socks look wonderful! I love the fun colors and they look so warm and snuggly! Have fun at your prom, too. :-)