Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Giftie and Clappy

I got this little package from SP yesterday. Thanks SP!!

Jaeger Trinity! I've been wanting to try this yarn since I saw it on Van's blog. Since 2 skeins definitely won't be enough for any clothing(not for my size anyway), and I look totally washed out wearing blue, I'm brainstorming on little projects to knit with this. I'm thinking cushion or bag.
And, as you might've guessed from the title, I'm knitting Clapotis!! Finally!!
I'm using HipKnits silk in colourway 'Pretty In Pink', which is, well, pretty. I did a false start, and when I was about to start again,

Anyway, I was worried that the 300g of silk that I have won't be enough, so I emailed Kerrie from HipKnits. True to my fear, I'll have to miss some repeat and knit a smaller version. So I missed 3 repeats from the increase section and here's my progress...

The colourway is so fun and pretty!!
Here's a backview...

And a funny shot of me sneezing because some of the fluff get into my nose

This looks quite promising, right? But I'll be frogging it soon.
Why? Because the fabulous Kerrie just emailed me saying that she's got another hank of it and ask if I wanted it. Of course I do!! I thought that I only have to frog it till the increasing part, but then I remember that I've done my first drop....and I've got no idea how to put them back onto the needle.....help?
My Kiri is growing at an alarmingly slow rate....it will probably take another 10 years before it grows to my ideal shawl size...

Note : Someone left a comment on my second previous post, saying that my pants are too tight for me. *Sigh* I'm going to wear skirts for my posts from now on, until I lose 10 pounds.


Sally said...

I think it would be a funnier picture if you were actually sneezing with your face like this: XO!!!!!! PS: About the pants, they look awsome, dont pay attention of that kind of comments, im proud of having stomachaches because i wear too tight pants... :) (But my butt and legs looks awsome XD!!! hahaha!!!)

Laura.Y said...

Agree with Sally, just ignore that comment. How bout a bag with that Trinity? That is one yarn that just goes on and on...:)

Vanessa said...

I love your trinity girl. I have never seen that color before. Yeah! A cable bag or pillow case sounds great. I think cami would be nice too. I'm thinking to knit the honeymoon cami with my leftover, hope I have enough yarn though. :)

happyspider said...

Anyone who says something like that to you but doesnt have the guts to leave a name should be ignored.
To the person who left the comment: This is what happens when we sit and knit, the pants bunch up. We display our knitting, not ourselves!
The colourwar is just gorgeous! I hate it when yarn fluff goes up my nose... thought it usually gets stuck in my lipgloss.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to be loyal to friends, but its important to be truthful too. It was a statement, not a criticism. Tough on those who took it too literally, but I'm one who doesn't believe in 'skinny is beautiful'. I don't have a blog, and am just another unknown figure on the internet. Would a name be of much use?

Btw, the clapotis is really pretty.

bradyphrenia said...

i'm sure the frogging effort on clapotis will be worth it--that yarn is beautiful. and this coming from someone who just knit clapotis and hated it. :-)

Lolly said...

Yuvee, the colors for your Clapotis are amazing! It will be wonderful.

Thanks for joining Socktoberfest! :) I will put your name on the list.