Saturday, October 01, 2005

Just a little funny story.....

that I want to share with everyone.
Last year, when I just started to knit again after my failure 4 years ago, I decided to start with something small and simple. So I bought super cheap yarns, and decided to knit a simple scarf. My colour choice back then was this neon bright fuschia *roll eyes* and real white stripes. The yarn was acrylic, but I seriously didn't know the difference back then.
Since I used to think that knitted items consist only of stockinette stitch(I didn't even know stitches have names!), I used it. Of course, my so-called-scarf was curling like crazy and looks a lot like yao char koay. I was getting really frustrated after about 60 cm, and I decided to bind-off and get over with it.
I was just starting to discover a whole new world of knitting in the internet back then, where I found out about felting. I got really interested and decided to give it a try and found an instruction to felt by hand.
Looking back, there I was, standing by the kitchen sink, with my so-called-scarf folded on a baking pan, hand holding a scrunched plastic bag. I spent hours there, boiling water, scrubbing the scarf with the plastic bag and liquid dish soap.
After seemingly forever, I decided to rinse the scarf to see if it's felted yet. When I see those perfectly normal stockinette stitch, I was ever so confused. I wonder where it had gone wrong.Could it be that the water wasn't hot enough? Or didn't I scrub hard enough? Or didn't I use enough soap? I wasn't willing to give up, so I checked the instruction and repeat the whole process for three time, until my hand was numb. Those stitches still looks the same.
I put it aside and forgot about it soon enough. Until tonight, when I realise that I was trying to felt acrylic.
I'm feeling so silly and think that it's hilarious.
Wanna know what my second project was?
Another striped scarf, in 3 shades of brown, which should turn out great, if I didn't choose to use rug yarn, which was only soft enough for my feet, with shoes, that's it.

Anyway, thanks to everyone's comments on my silky OSW!! I always love getting comments, you guys really made my day!! ;D
I'm currently getting back on my Kiri, after spending a painstaking hour putting the stitches back into needle. I thought that I must have patience of a saint.


Toni said...

LOL--trying to felt acrylic!

Laura.Y said...

hehe now i'm reminded of my felting experience too. Half a disaster. The bag is still sitting there looking at me reproachfully.

Ruth said...

thanks for visiting my blog! yea, your OSW looks really cute, esp the edging on the sleeves. =) oh, i have an old high school friend who grew up in penang too... we hope that the next time we're in malaysia, that is the next place we'll visit =) (p.s. my first felted knit was a disaster too - i stuck the item in my washing machine and it shrank way too much!! so embarrassing!! later, i threw it away in shame) =P

happyspider said...

thats so cute!!!! tee hee hee