Sunday, October 09, 2005

Not in the mood for title.....

Frogging the silk was painful.....not the frogging part, but when I started knitting with it again, the silk broke even more. I've got these after 2 rows

I got stressed out, you see, feeling ready to break down. So I put it away for my the sake of my sanity, and knit this instead

Meet Mr. Bubby!!
He's still faceless, since I have NO black yarn in my stash. I even made him a little red scarf

I intended to put him as part of my sp gift, but looking at those flaws, I guess not.
So, after a nice break, I finally get back to my Clapotis, this time with much much more patience, and managed to finish the first hank.
I got quite bored, and knitted this drawstring bag.

using the ingenious Turkish cast-on method. NO seams at all!! I was trying to figure out how to knit a whole sweater with this method ;)
Then I spent my whole weekend knitting Clapotis, which is coming along nicely. I've dropped 7 stitches now!! Anyway, the second hank is behaving quite well, only 5 breaks so far.

Yesterday was my last day at school. I'm having a week holiday(which hopefully will be used to study), before THE EXAM. Then I graduate, just like that. I can call myself a high school graduate after 28 Oct. I'm feeling....well....kinda sad.
Anyway, there will definitely be some knitting done next week, I'm just worried whether there will be some studying done.
Can you guess my priority?

Yes, I've been gaining even more pounds(lots of it!), and it's pretty clear for everyone to see. I really need to be on diet now, if I don't want to wear SOMETHING BAGGY for my prom. I just don't think I could do it, especially with the exam coming. All the stress, you know.

Edited soon after:
I just joined the Socktoberfest 2005 hosted by Lolly, so I might cast on soon, and hopefully knit a pair.


happyspider said...

Someone's been reading Vogue Knitting :) i want to try the turkish cast on.. but im a gutless wonder.
enjoy your holiday !

Laura.Y said...

Bubby looks cute! Lots of WIPs there! Good luck with your exams!

Mimi said...

When things don't go well, we need a break! Knitting Bubby was a great idea. Best wishes for your exams!

Lolly said...

Bubby is adorable!

So glad you joined the Socktoberfest :)

Janet said...

I love Bubby! *And* the little bag. :-)

I'm sure you'll find something lovely for your prom. You're really quite small, and you can find the right gown to hide whatever you're not thrilled with! When is it?

Vanessa said...

Mr. Bubby is so cute and I love the touch of scarf you added on. Yeah, I'm sure you'll find something for your prom. Just go out and have a great time. Goodluck for your finals!