Wednesday, October 26, 2005


...virtually on eBay.
Care for some yarn porn?

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A pack of Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool in shade Chocolate. Not exactly my colour, but I just had a sweater idea in mind. Anyway, I accidentally cut some of the yarn when I opened the package, ugh.

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Some bamboo goodness....yummy yummy yarn.

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Some Summer Tweed just got here today...feels a little weird to my touch, like it's lifeless...hopefully will get better when knitted.
And 2 skein of laceweight yarn from Ukraine. I was thinking of a lace shawl, but the yarn is really fine, I'm not sure I can handle it now.

Yeah, judge on my self control now.

Hey, guess what? My exam IS over. Finally. No more studying till next year, yipee!!
Uhm...don't ask me how the exam went, please.
And I can finally call myself a high school graduate in 2 days. I hate being late, most of my primary school friends are in university or college now. But whatever, I get to relax for one year extra anyway.
"What next??" you might ask.
Let me tell you then, Art and Design Foundation in Brighton, UK. YAY!!
It'll be some kind of transition phase for me, I'm hoping that it can help me decide on whether I really want to take design as a degree. Or what matters more, whether I have the talent.

Enough talking, remember my Kiri? The pretty one, that's too small for me that I had to endure the pain of frogging the lace edging AND putting it back on needle. What strain it gave my eyes. Well, I finally blocked it yesterday.
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Isn't she a beauty? I used up almost a hank of Shimmer for the 5 repeats I added.

And....for the Socktoberfest I knitted Elfine Socks, using the pretty pattern from Anna, thanks!!
Ohh...lookie here, we have not just a sock, but one and a half socks!!
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The yarn is from Janet, my SP5. Thanks dear, for supporting me to cast on for the second sock for the first time!! SSS? Bah!
Too bad the yarn and the pattern don't get along really well. I can hardly see the leaves pattern on that splash of crazy colours.

I also started a scarf with Colinette Giotto. It's my first experience with ribbon yarn, and it's getting really messy. I'm not following any pattern, just mixing openwotk with dropped stitch. It'll become a quiet funky scarf, I think. I'll show you when there's more to it.

I'm expecting Clapotis to be done soon. By soon I mean in another half an hour or so. Well, expect an FO report soon, then.

*cough* I'm having sore throat and runny nose. Gotta drink piles of water.


knitties said...

Your Kiri is gorgeous! And ooh... lotsa yarn to keep you occupied :-)

JessaLu said...

Your Kiri is beautiful and your socks are lovely :o) I just finished my Clapotis - believe me, all the work is worth it!

happyspider said...

oh the kiri is beautiful!
and all that yarn porn has ruined my mind. now i have to go to uni and pretend to care about realism and intelligence testing when all i can think about is yarn yarn YARN..... *drools...
PS i hope you didnt cut too much :$

Mimi said...

Your Kiri looks fabulous!! It must be very hard to unravel and put the sts back on the needles. Well, it's all done!
Your yarns are so nice, I've yet to try this bamboo yarn, maybe next year when the weather gets warmer. Have fun with all your stash and free time to knit!

erin said...

Your kiri is such a beauty - it is all worth the troubl. Glad your exams are over and hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your new yarns!

Sally said...

yuvee!! congratulations on your kiri!!! it is beautifull!! is gonna look great on you :D!!! Congratulations!! (PS: Give us the pattern!!!! XD)

alltangledup said...

Congrats on being a high school graduate! I've waited 2 days to post that ;-)

And since you are coming to Brighton, UK which is not far from London (about 1 hour 15 minutes by train), ping me when you get here... that is if you don't want to meet an 'old' lady ;-)

Tess said...

All that work to make Kiri larger paid off. It looks beautiful. I'm almost finished with mine. All I have left is to BO and block this weekend. Hope mine turns out as well as yours. :)

tanti said...

nice kiri!! :)

btw, where you will pack your yarn, to home or together with you to UK? :)

the good thing from your graduation, now you have the chance to wear nice knitted stuffs that would be too hot to wear it here at our country...;)