Thursday, April 21, 2005


This early morning, I proudly wore my Tempting with a white tank underneath. My friends were impressed, though some of them said that I look fatter in it. But I just don't care, because I was too proud of myself for finishing it. We went to eat dimsum, and after that we went to the Taman ....( can't remember the name, just a big big park) and met all my classmates there. We went there puposely to take pictures to be put in our graduation magazine. Everything went great, except that I was sweating a lot, and my tank was all wet underneath. My Tempting seemed to be unable to absord any of the liquid, causing all my sweat trapped inside and made my tank and even the upper part of my pants wet for hours. Well, I didn't really mind.
But just now, several hours later, after bowling, games, rides and lunch, I went home. I took some picture of me wearing it, which I think looks fine.
Then I took it off to find out that I've got lots of (um...i dunno, fiber?)of the wool on my armpit. I examined it again, and found out that the joining parts of the sleeves looked like it's felted, seriously. When I took a second look, I noticed that it is MUCH bigger that it was before. It looks horrible, I don't know what to do with it. I haven't wash it yet, since I'm running out of conditioner. I wonder if shampoo can also be used.
Oh, and as if it's not bad enough, I just found out that the front part of my mini cardigan is too big after 6". Needless to say, I ripped out all of it. AArRrrgGhhH!!

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