Friday, April 22, 2005


I had a horrible experience in the bus this evening. I'm not going to share it though, it was just too disgusting. :(
Anyway, this morning on my way to school I cast on again for my mini sweater, this time it's for the back. I decided I wanted to make it a little bit more interesting by doing it in Lozenge stitch. So, I worked the ribbing at school and when I wanted to do the pattern, I realised that I have the wrong number of stitches. I ripped it all again and just knit the first row. This time I'm gonna get it right. Really.
Well, I went to the bookstore to pre-order Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. Say anything you want, I'm a BIG fan. It'll be released on 16th July, 2 days before my birthday. What a perfect gift for myself ;)
Anyway, I decided to buy a stitch dictionary, which was such a bargain at RM 29.90. I spotted a new book, which was called Hip Knits. It was beatifully designed with a really funky fuschia cover. Unfrotunately, the price was RM 89.90, which I could use to buy enough yarn to make another Tempting.
After all the sweat yesterday, I bought a bottle of conditioner to wash my Tempting. I noticed that it stretched out even more. I'm lying it between 2 towels right now, hope that it'll be fine.

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