Thursday, April 21, 2005

See that shoelace? See how short it is? See how big it is? See how fat I look in it?


Laura.Y said...

Very nice! Trust me,it's not u..:) it's the pattern stitch that makes you look alittle wider. It did the same thing to me :D Though I wish I did mine longer. I shortened the length..:)

Anonymous said...

It's a really cute sweater!! I think if you wore it without the tshirt it would look better. That white horizontal stripe of shirt at the bottom is what makes it look wide.
lisa (from knitty)
I have lots of experience in trying to not look so wide!

godsend said...

Nonsense! You look great!! And I think you should take the tee out from under as well. But great job and a great look for you as well.