Sunday, July 17, 2005

Finished....reading Harry Potter and knitting Tivoli

I got home really tired at 1 a.m. last Friday, and woke up at 6.10 a.m. on Saturday, so that I could go to pick up my pre-ordered Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Price. There were 2 of my friends coming too, so we go for yumcha afterwards (love it!). I read the first chapter while waiting for bus, but since reading in bus makes me dizzy, I have to really hold myself from opening the book. After I got home, I change clothes, then sat myself comfortably on the bed, and spent about 7 hours doing nothing else but reading. Then I got back to my knitting....
Tivoli is done, with a contrasting colour band and some little lace pattern. It's now blocking, so I'll post a picture some other time.
I'm getting a bit worried since my yarn purchase from ebay hasn't arrive yet. The other knitter have gotten theirs, and it's been 2 weeks!! I hope nothing goes wrong, since this is my biggest purchase ever (you'll see if they got here;D ).
Few hours till my birthday, and I'm having this Peter Pan syndrome. I never like birthdays, since it means I'm growing old. I know I'm still young, but turning 18 sounds like a big thing. I can now legally do a lot of stuffs, like smoking, get into a discotheque, etc. Stuffs that I don't really want to do anyway. I still can't enter a casino and have an eye laser surgery, not before I'm 21.
My dad has called 3 times and my mom once today...speaking of nothing that matters at all. Weird.
As for birthday present, I asked for a sewing machine from my mom. She thinks that I'm trying to be funny, before I told her 3 times. They told me to go out and celebrate with my friends, which I've been planning to, but I'm not really in the mood of celebration right now, so we'll see.


opportunityknits said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Yuvee, Happy Birthday to you!

Doreen said...

Happy Birthday to You Yuvee. May all your wishes comes true.


Michelle said...

Hi Yuvee, Happy Belated Birthday to you.
I don't like to celebrate my birthday too, not because of the sign on getting older, just don't like ... but, I like to celebrate for my friends.

Vanessa said...

hey girl, happy belated birthday. Your Tivoli look so lovely on you. Best wishes and may all your dreams some true. Take Care!

Laura.Y said...

Happy Birthday Yuvee...:) Have a great one yea.

marirob said...

Happy Birthday Yuvee!
You have the same birthday as my sister.

Thanks for you post about my Tivoli tee. I'm sure yours will look great with the contrasting bands. I just finished reading Harry Potter myself - hope you enjoy it!