Wednesday, July 27, 2005

B'day gift from SP!!

I came home today to this...

A birthday present from my fabulous SP!! I love this book, thank you!!!
It's been quite some time since I got anything in the mail other than bills. And talking about it...did you remember about my yarn purchase that haven't arrive after more than 3 weeks? Well..there seems to be a little confusion between me and the seller. I just found out yesterday that she sent it to my home back in Indonesia! I thought that it was kind of funny, remembering how anxious I was everytime I came home, wondering if they've arrived. Unfortunately the yarn still haven't reach there either. I'm a little disappointed that I won't be getting my much-awaited yarn, but to think on the bright side,it means that I'll have less luggage to carry back home at the end of the year. It was my biggest purchase ever, I got 57 skeins of yarn! I promised my dad that it'll the last time I'm using his credit card (for this year!), but now it seems that I'll have a reason to buy more...hehehehe...;D
Anyway, I've frogged Orangina once again(too small!), and my friends were more than happy to help me. They seemed to have a lot of fun frogging, since it's not them who knitted it. Orangina seemed to hate me, so maybe I'll just give us both a break. Meanwhile, I've been having a little fun knitting this

A toe-up sock using Knitpicks Simple Stripes. I love to see how the self-patterning yarn works! I started knitting with dpns, but soon switched to circular needle using the magic loop technique.
I've been itching to get some of the Hip Knits silk yarn. They look sooo... yummy! And there are even cashmere sock yarn! But it's way too pricey for me, so I'll stick to the silk yarn for the time being. Hoping to place an order next week, when they have more stocks. Can't wait!


opportunityknits said...

I like Ene's scarf in the Scraf Style book. The stripey socks are in such sweet colours. And love the additional colour and lace you added to Tivoli.

Peggy said...

I also have the scarf style book and I love it too! Great progress on your socks - love the happy colors!