Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm home!!!

Hi everyone!!! So, I'm finally at home now ;)
I had a not-so-great time in Singapore, shopping with my mom, 3 aunts and an uncle can be really tiring, especially when they complain about almost everything and anything. But fortunately, I did get to do some yarn shopping there.
I was hoping to show off all my new yarns here, but I can't post pictures using my bro's compie, too bad.
I got some Jaeger Sienna, RYC Cashcotton, Patons Powderpuff, Sirdar Breeze, some knitting mags and Rowan 37. Sure enough, my mom was complaning about my spending. I got home yesterday and finally 'met' my yummy yummy Knitpicks yarn. I'm really going to show you all of them once I get back to my own Vaio notebook.
Now, for some ranting. I was really annoyed by my mom. She was offering my aunts and uncles for me to knit them something. And she asked me to knit her this and that. Does she think that knitting can be done in a snap? For God's sake, I knit for someone because I want to, and not everyone deserve a hand-knitted gifts. She even asked me to make a big rug for her to put on the floor. It was really lucky that I could hold my tongue.
Anyway, I'm now all happy to be home again. Guess there's no place like home, eh?


Tracy said...

It's always the way, unless you're a knitter you have no idea about the length of time it takes to actually make an item. I think that's why I'm quite a selfish knitter and do me only! I do the occasional little jacket and bits and bobs for my little nephew and niece but that's about it. Oh well, at least you'll never run out of things to do ;)

Mimi said...

I guess you are going to be busy this summer vacation , so many yarns! How nice, though!
BTW, I only knit for myself too!