Monday, June 20, 2005

First Sock

That's right, I finally knitted my first sock ever. First, I made this training sock.

It's really cute and I just can't help but to show it off to my classmates. They immediately wanted it and I finally gave it to my friend who sit next to me so that she can use it as a mobile phone cover. I'll definitely knit more of them, they're so easy and fast to knit!
Then, I knit this sock using the pattern provided by the First Sock Knitter KAL. They're pretty easy and quick to knit since the pattern is using #6 dpns. I'm using the superwash merino wool from MCY. As you can see, the colour is really variagated and it changes every quarter row.

Anyway, please don't mind my big and ugly foot. I had to really stretch the sock before I can wear it. Lesson learned, if you have big feet and big ankles, then knit big socks. And yeah, I did say 'sock', not 'socks'. I'm not planning to knit another one of this, since I know that it won't fit anyway.

This goes out to I tried to email you twice but I got a delivery failure notification both times. I hope you're reading this, visit the Golden Dragon at People's Park Center 02#51. They stock lots of Rowan, Jaeger, Sirdar, Japanese yarns and lots more! I'm sure you'll like it there.


opportunityknits said...

those are 2 cute socks. I would love to start some socks soon.

Mimi said...

Great job Yuvee! I don't know how to knit socks.I also have the fear that they won't fit. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! so sorry about the mistake... I forgot about my email.. it's actually I really appreciate your suggestion :D thanks I will go visit it :D oh... by the way I made a fingerless mitt :D haha.. your socks are real cool :) yeah me too I am afraid they won't fit me... haha

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks for the suggestion to go to golden dragon. you're right. I LOVE it! :D haha... thanks... I checked it up... it's like a dream come true.. muack... anyway... thanks for helping me... they mostly had sirdar wool that day when I went... what's double knitting? oh... I didn't get to buy any wool... since i didn't have money and I really felt like crying as I left that shop.. sigh... oh sorry about not leaving my name :D thanks again for the help.