Monday, June 13, 2005

Back again

I came back from Indonesia yesterday, and had the same strange feeling I have when I have to leave home. It sure is not a good feeling, and I've been through the same thing over and over again for the past 7 years.
Anyway, here's the pictures of my new yarns as promised. Feast your eyes!!

Some knitting mags from Singapore, so glad to find them, not so glad with the price though. And check out those great CashCotton, they're sooo....soft. I only got 6 skeins though, not sure what I could knit out of it. Would it be enough for NBaT?

The lovely Jaeger siena, I absolutely love this yarn!! And 10 skeins of Merino Style from KnitPicks, I'm looking for a sweater pattern for this. Preparation for my future, if I get to move to somewhere with real seasons.

Shine is a really lovely yarn, I'm planning to knit a top with this, any pattern ideas? See those brilliant colours I got for Wool of Andes? Time for some felting!!

Some Sirdar Breeze to knit Cozy from Knitty Fall 04, or maybe another wrap pattern. It'll be a gift for my teacher when I graduate. Those 2 Patons PowderPuff will be a case for my notebook, then maybe I'll knit Candy Stripers from SnBN and use it as a lining.

A skein of Alpaca Cloud, and another 2 skeins of Merino Style. I'll be knitting something lacy from the Alpaca Cloud. Then there are my MCY , the colour are a bit different from what I saw on their website, but they're still pretty anyway.

I wanted to knit this top from Knitter's mag, it's called Squash Blossom. I planned to use Siena and I made the swatches, but I still can't get the gauge. Siena has a real fine gauge with 28 sts/4". I tried using larger needle, but I hate how it turns out, I love it when my stitches are tight. 2 skeins of sock yarn, I'm currently looking for an easy pattern to knit my first sock. Preferably using Magic Loop technique, since I suck with dpns.

Last but not the least, I got 2 skeins of Shimmer in the colour Happy Dance (I love that name!). I think I could knit a big Kiri with this, what do you think about Kiri in variagated colour?
My mom thinks that I've got enough yarn for a whole year, but I'm sure you'll understand my need to buy more ;) I've been itching to shop online again, since I still can't find Rowan 4-ply cotton for my Lucky.
Anyway, I'm currently knitting the second sleeve of my mom's cardigan. I'm hating it, and I'm really unsure about how it turns out. Oh, and my sleeve caps looks really ugly. Hope I can finish it as fast as possible and get it out of my sight. I hate finishing, there are thousands of ends to weave, and lots of edges to seams, Aaarrrghhh!!!!


Tracy said...

Lovely yarn all of it. Yes do a Kiri, I did a Koigu Kiri in f different shades to start with and I prefer this one to my Kidsilk Haze shawl. Where did you get the Knitpicks from again? I went to the site and it says it won't ship to the UK! They have some lovely stuff on their site so maybe you could let me know your source.

Mimi said...

Wow! Yuvee, my screen was flooded with beautiful yarn. I am sure you'll have so much fun knitting them!!

opportunityknits said...

Yeah, Yuvee, how did you manage to get the knitpucks yarn? Lovely colours in all your yarn. I have the same shade of jaeger sienna too.

Michelle said...

Yuvee, you are really a great yarn shopper, as well as a good spender :)) ... eventually bring back all the nice yarns into your stash.

Laura.Y said...

my goodness gracious..:) u've really gone to a yarn shopping spree! great stash enhancement there.

Peggy said...

Wow, quite the shopping spree!! I'm so jealous!

emy said...

That's a whole lot of new yarns to show! We're trying to move into our new apartment. So we'll see how my sneaking skills are (with the stash) :)

spirals said...

wow you love yarn more then me!!! thats awesome.. i wish i could get such a good selection of yarn.. all so pretty... im loving it!

amylovie said...

Wow! That is one big yarn binge. I don't feel so bad about mine now.

Here is a suggestion for the Shine you bought - The Honeymoon Cami from Knitty. A friend of mine used it, and it turned out gorgeous.

Have a great day,

Kitty Kitty said...

I am making Orangina with the Shine that I picked up from KnitPicks.

Anonymous said...

Hey... I can understand the need to buy lots og yarn and wool... but I ain't rich and shopping online is really difficult... so far... I only id small projects... not like yours... hee... I chanced upon your blog online while trying to find more shops that sells better yarn in singapore too!!!... I only get mine from spotlight but I know they are not that good... can you give me some suggestions? :P my email add's :

hope to hear from you soon... really need your help!!!