Friday, May 07, 2010

trying to stay afloat

A lot of people have asked me this question lately (well, past couple of months),"So, what do you do?", and I've find it really tough to answer.
What DO I do? I knit, I weave, I sew, I cook, I read, I design, but surely those are not valid occupation. Ever since I graduated I've somewhat been struggling to find a job. And with the condition of the job market in the UK right now, I think I've picked the worst possible time to be job hunting as a graduate with no experience in a somewhat expendable market.
I have to admit that I'm hating this junction of my life.You know the saying idle hands are the devil's workshop? Well my hands are rarely idle, but idle mind can be just as dangerous, I tell you.
So the point is? Well, I guess there's no point to this, other than me feeling the need to get it out of my system, and hoping you guys can give me some advice or share your experiences :)

Anyway, because I try never to post without pictures, here are some of my recent (and not-so-recent) FOs.


wiwiana said...

Hey Yuvee, you're really productive! I am not working at the moment but still can never knit so much and get so many FOs done!

I love all your FOs and I am totally totally in love with that pink project bag! Have you thought about making some for sale? :)

lara griffiths said...

love your pink zipper bag.. and the green shawl is beautiful!

employment is a state of mind. and you are over employed in the best way!

Anushka said...

What a nightmare! I'm absolutely dreading graduating, especially since I don't know what I want to do WITH my degree afterwards! Kind of just trying not to think about it and continue in my little art college bubble as calmly as I can. I really like your scarves, especially the green one (great photo by the way...)

Linda said...

I hate that "what do you do?" question. I think that employment does not define a person but sadly in our society people think that it does. I have had a career, been a stay at home Mum, part time, self employed and I find everytime I change employment it messes with my mind and my self perception! And its only because people judge on what your job is.
Anyway, keep productive, maybe volunteer? I know it sounds a buit blah but there are some great things to do out there ... enviroment, social, etc.
Your perfect job will come one day!

Noreen said...

Hang in there, Yuvinia! You are so talented...something will fall into place.