Thursday, May 20, 2010

Awaiting Spring Mitts

One way I've found to make myself feel more productive, is to design my own knits and publish them!
Hence the Awaiting Spring Mitts!

You can now purchase the pattern from Ravelry(I hope!), I tried purchasing it but I can't so please let me know if it works!

The yarn I used was mentioned in this post, it was one of my travel score from Florence! After having them in my stash for over 3 years and looking for a project special enough for such a special yarn, I thought designing one for it is the perfect way to go! Best part is, I only used one of the two skeins!
BTW, thanks to the almighty power that is Google, I found out that this yarn is fairly easy to purchase online, but traveling around Florence to find it was undoubtedly more fun!

As the name of the pattern suggests, I started these last month, when it really should be spring here in London. There were signs of spring everywhere, which made it all the more frustrating when I was clad up in a coat and still freezing! Even when we do get the random warmer days, the wind is so unpredictable that I could've been seen in shorts, sandals and these mitts!


Linda said...

They are lovely!

Rina said...

Good for you! They're lovely.