Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yes this is a knitting blog!

Yay! Finally some knitting!
Knotty gloves
Knotty Gloves
Pattern source: Knotty Gloves by Julia Mueller, Ravelry download
Yarn: Malabrigo sock
Needle: 2.5mm
Comment: I started a pair of gloves some years ago, but never managed to get them finished. I was pretty convinced that I simply have no patience to knit fingers. Hence the many pairs of mittens and fingerless gloves coming off my needles. But then it gets really cold, and I need my dexterity, and the pattern is so pretty and I had the perfect yarn that it simply was meant to be. I really had to push myself through knitting all those fiddly fingers, but I think the result is well worth it. I made a little alteration to the pattern though...
Knotty gloves
So now I can do this!
Knotty gloves for iPhone
I'm feeling all smug and clever now that I've find a way to not having to take my glove off every time I need to use my beloved iPhone.

About 2 weeks ago I got this book in the mail. Even though I'm not interested in any of the patterns, but the technique was so intriguing that I had to try it out.
I used some yarn I had dyed with kool-aid a couple of years ago. Since I wasn't sure how the yarn would knit up, and I was worried the colour would muddle up, so I paired it with some cream coloured merino yarn. This technique is so much fun and so easy to do! It works really well with those variegated yarns to break up the pooling and create some really cool effects. I can't wait to think of some other way to use this technique.


Mr Rossy said...
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indieknits said...

Oh wow - I love the alteration on your gloves!! I'm definitely going to do that next time I knit a pair, so I can turn up the volume/select an album on my iPod!

(sorry, the deleted comment above was me! I was logged in as my husband!)

Jo said...

Great gloves, and great adjustment to the pattern!

emmms said...

Love the gloves! Awesome alteration, and the colour is fab. I've been in great need of new gloves, I might use that pattern. I like it!

R a i n said...

Oh sweet, totally awesome!

Grace said...


Esoteric Knitter said...

super cute gloves! And what a smart alteration. :)