Friday, January 09, 2009

Dissertation? What dissertation? Give me fibre!

I've been spinning a lot lately, instead of writing my dissertation, of course.
This is my finest (in term of thickness) spinning to date.
3-ply Navajo plied BFL
The fibre is BFL, colourway Bohemian Rhapsody, from the amazing Jo at Limegreenjelly. I followed this video to navajo-ply it, thanks for the link Jo! Since the video is for navajo plying on the fly and I've already spun my singles, I had to kinda wing it, but I think I got it right, at least I have 3-ply yarn as a result, so I can't be far off. This was a lot of fun to spin, even though it took me ages. But I did enjoy spinning this while listening to Bohemian Rhapsody, one of my favourite songs ever.
After spinning such thin yarn, I needed some instant gratification, fast. So I spun this.
Falklad 2-ply
The fibre is Falkland by Spindlefrog that I purchased at Socktopus. I love spinning with the fibre! It's soft and squishy but not as short stapled as merino.
Next, I'd like to try spinning thick and thin slubby yarn with some merino I've got. This will be challenging, I think, since it goes against the little perfectionist inside of me.
Knitting has been slow, and I doubt there'll be any FOs for show anytime soon. But I do have something to share
first darning attempt
It's my first darning attempt! I found a hole at the bottom of my Hedera sock. After overcoming my initial shock and fear of moth attack, I decided this is the perfect time to learn how to darn. Hopefully this is not a skill I'll need often in the future.


Esther said...

its funny you should mention darning - I got a book form my MIL at Christmas about wartime sweing and how to make do and mend!

Elemmaciltur said...

Ahhhh...the bliss of procrastination through fibre. :-) I still have some fibre from Limegreenjelly to spin up. Yours looks so yummy!

Jo said...

Bohemian Rhapsody looks fantastic especially for your first navaho! Hope the darning went ok, I would probably attempt to pick up the stitches along the hole, and re-knit a small patch, attempting to attach it as I go! I've never spun Falkland, something to put on my List of things to do!

picperfic said...

that fine yarn os beautiful and nav plying is sooo addictive! Hope you get the dissertation done, I know which I'd rather do!