Monday, January 12, 2009

Knitting Masochist

Is there such thing as a knitting masochist? Because if there is, I must be one. Why else would I do this?
Apres surf hoodie swatch
This is a swatch that I knitted way past midnight 2 days ago. It's for the Après Surf Hoodie by Connie Chang Chinchio. I fell in love with this pattern immediately after it came out last summer. The yarn called for in the pattern is RYC Cashcotton 4ply, and I knew immediately that mine would be in RYC Cashsoft 4ply. Then I saw the yarn on sale on John Lewis' website, and I knew it was meant to be.
And if you're wondering, yes that's the EXACT same yarn I used for Flo. And yes I did say I won't be knitting that kind of project in a long time. Well it's not even been a month yet since I said that and here we are. This is why I don't do resolutions anymore.
In my defense, I resisted the urge to cast on immediately. I'll try to be good and finish at least one of my big WIPs before I start this. And this one has got lace pattern, so it won't be as boring as all stockinette, and let's hope it won't be as endless.

In other knitting news, I actually have an FO!
Wham Bam
Wham Bam!
Pattern: wham bam thank you lamb! neckwarmer, found over at Ravelry.
Yarn: Rowan Big Wool, leftover from my Alpine Shrug
Needle: 8.00mm
Comment: This is such a simple and clever pattern, and supposed to be quick. But somehow it seemed endless to me. Somehow that 20", 30 sts of garter stitch took me over a week to knit. That's pretty much how knitting has been for me, endless.

Spinning, on the other hand, I've been doing a lot of that.
Thick and thin
This thick and thin yarn was harder to spun than I thought, I'm not very good at being sloppy, I guess. But it's ooooh so squishy, I'm having fun thinking of what to knit with it, any ideas? Oh this is more roving from Jo at Lime Green Jelly, it's super soft merino and I think the colourway is Union of The Snake. While this one only took me about 3 days to spin, my new spinning project will take a while.
BFL & Silk heaven
This is BFL and silk roving from Shunklies, and as you can see I'm spinning it very thin. I think my spindle is too heavy for this, so I just bought a new, lighter spindle, can't wait for it to get here! So then I can have my only spindle back and spin some more thicker stuff.

The dissertation is still not going, which is a really bad news, at least for me, because I only have 4 more days to finish it. And I also have to prepare some concepts for my final project, which I want to be about knitting. But what about knitting? I have no idea. See, I knew this is a bad idea, ugh. But while I'm procrastinating, I've not only been knitting and spinning, but also listened to a lot of back episodes of knitting podcasts, and browsing around the net for pretty spindles to buy. They get quite expensive and I'd love to be able to afford them. I was also seriously considering buying a loom at one point, which is just ridiculous and is probably a cue for me to stop or otherwise this procrastination thing will ended up costing me a lot more than my grade.


opportunityknits said...

Hi Yuvee, that hoodie is sooo pretty. You have to knit it! Soon :)

Lin said...

The hoodie is a lovely pattern. You must go and do your work though first!!!

Anna said...

The swatch looks real nice, I love the lace-like pattern. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Anonymous said...

Maybe something why people are knitting so much? Why it's become so popular? Why some people start knitting, and then don't stop until they die? :P Why knitters are compulsed to buy handpainted yarn all the time?

Good luck on your dissertation and projects - I know how frustrating it is when it's not going anywhere!

picperfic said...

You are being very bad knitting when you sould be writing your dissertation. I think you would enjoy all this wooly goodness even more if you got that task out of the way. You look so pretty int hat photo of you in the squishy cowl. I love spinning singles and finishing them but i cannot do thick and thin singles, however, I will keep trying! I think the answer is in the drafting, it needs to be looser and tighter but spun at the same speed if that makes sense? Now go and get on with your work, you know you must!!

Jo said...

Love the neckwarmer...I frogged my aprés surf and then decided to save my yarn to knit my own design instead! I think it will be lovely in that colour! Union Of The Snake looks fabulous, I love to spin thick and thin, and I love the Wham Bam pattern, I've tonnes of chunky handspun lying around, uh-oh, maybe another wip for me!