Friday, July 21, 2006

Much belated updates...

I can't believe that despite my slow knitting progress, I manage to have so many FOs that I haven't shown you.
First up, the long awaited modelled pic of Phildar no.33 blazer!

Phildar No.33 Blazer
Pattern source: Phildar 443
Yarn: Phildar Aviso 14 skeins
Needle: 5.00 mm 60 cm wooden circular
Comment: Maybe it's because of my stupidity making the sleeves bigger. Now it's TOO big, and not just the sleeves but the waist too. The whole fit is just so unflattering. And to make it even worse, the whols thing is soo...heavy. There's no way I can wear it for summer without getting drenched in sweat. Anyway, I'm not wearing it with that outfit, I just happned to be all dressed up when I remember that I should take a picture of it while my friend is around.
If I'm going to knit it again, I'll make sure to use lighter yarn and knit smaller size. This just prove one thing to me, using the recommended yarn doesn't always guarantee good result.

Up next, my first FO of July, in celebratition of Project Spectrum!

Pattern source: Rowan It's A Tape Thing
Yarn: Rowan cotton tape 4 skeins
Needle: 8.00 mm and 13.00 mm
Comments: Another quick and cute little knits! I love the yarn, and how quick it works up. The whole thing took me probably 4 days to finish. The neckline is a little too high for my liking, but I still think it's cute and perfect for summer anyway.
For your information it's done first week of July. Do you notice that it's the first time I actually finish something for Project Spectrum? Told ya July is a good month for me.
Anyway, please ignore my messy little room in the background. But if you squint your eyes you might notice the two packs of yarns lying on top of my hideous but practical yarn bag. My friend helped me to pick it up from Liberty sale, after many long awkward calls involving her trying to explain the shades to me. RYC Cashsoft Dk in Crush and RYC Soft Tweed in Twig. Quite a good bargain at £20 each pack ;)

Cherry is almost done.

But I ran out of yarn for the button bands and neckband!! Duh. I guess I'll just seam it up while waiting for my extra yarn to get here. Anyway, the yarn Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK cotton, the same yarn that Anna used. Duh, I just realised that there's an errata for it. ;(

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes ;) I didn't have a good birthday, but the best part is that I get an online reunion with my best friends, so at least I'm happy for that. I was going to write a whole post about being 19 and getting all sentimental and all that. Then I realise that there's nothing really special after all, so I'm going to spare you that.
Now I just can't wait to go home! I can't believe I've got less than 3 weeks ;D A trip to Penang and Singapore is on the schedule too, so let me know if you want me to "da bao" anything for you!

Oh, before I forgot, the yarn I'm using for my Pomatomus socks is Trekking XXL.


joy said...

Great job on your FOs! That RYC yarns sound good; I hope there'll be some left next week. ;-) Have fun on your vacation!

alltangledup said...

what lovely fo's

have fun on your trip ... you are coming back, right?

I remember when I was 19, it was a long time ago. have a safe trip.

Vanessa said...

Happy belated birthday girl! Sorry I completely forgot. So how did you celebrate? Bought more yarn :) Don't worry I'll make it up to you.

Your blazer looks great. Eventhough it turned out a wee bit big but I'm sure you can wear it as a light overcoat with extra layers underneath. Thrill is cute. Very sexy :)

opportunityknits said...

Happy belated b'day, Yuvee, First time too early, now too late :(
The phildar jacket looks really stylish -good for layering when the weather gets cooler and bigger sleeves would accomodate the long sleeves you'll be wearing then.
The lemony cherry is looking so cute too.
Hope to see you when you come to Spore and it's so funny to think of dar baoing yarn :)

peri said...

Lovely work.

A very belated 'appy berfday'.

Have a good vacay.

Kessa said...

Your phildar blazer made me feel like casting on for one right now (been planning for ages but couldn't get round to it) but I'm going to restrain myself and wait till I clear a couple of WIPs. ;)

Lois said...

I need to c this blazer in real life. mine's still stuck with the increases. and also paranoid with not having enough yarns.

hope to see u in SG soon.

Rina said...

Your blazer looks fantastic! What are you talking about being too big?
Well, I like bit bigger for blazer or jacket, because I can layer inside the blazer when it gets too cold.
The thrill looks so sexy. It makes me want to make one quick.

Peggy said...

I love your FOs. There's so many! I especially like the tape one. :)