Friday, July 14, 2006

Another post from class

Yay! I finally get to post! My internet connection at home still seems to be working only for a few minutes a day, lucky I got a tv now. And Mimi is right too, no internet means more knitting!
Anyway, first I want to show you the fabulous gifts that my SP sent me. Thanks so much SP!!

She(I'm assuming here) sent me some Noro Kureyon to knit the Booga bag, it's going to be my first felting project! Yay!
There are also lots of handmade stitch markers and jewelleries, made from semi precious stones and other fun stuffs. Thanks again SP, I can't wait to start knitting the bag so that I can felt it when I go home.

I went to Liberty a few weeks ago expecting great sale, but most of the yarns on sale were big yarns from Rowan. I did manage to get these though.

9 balls of Rowan Cotton Tape, the pattern leaflet and 2 piece of gorgeous fabrics. The purple cotton tape has been turned into an FO ever since this picture was taken, just in time to celebrate the Project Spectrum. I haven't got a chance to wear it though, modelled pic coming real soon. As for the fabrics.....I'm desperate to turn them into summer dress, which won't be anytime soon judging my sewing skill. But ever since I got them I've been practising sewing by making small stuffs, will show you soon too. I'm hoping to get a dress pattern and attempt to sew them when I go home to my sewing machine.

Here's one of my WIP, the Knitty's Pomatommus sock, which is supposed to be for last month's Project Spectrum.

I'm doing the foot of the first sock now, working a few rows a day in bus and class.

I'm going home in less than a month!! Yay! Happy as I am, this also means that I must knit faster if I want to finish my mom's Cherry, my aunt's shawl, my friend's super late birthday scarf and maybe a shawl for my teacher. Well, so I guess it's kind of a good thing the internet broke down.

Another essay to write tonight, this time about xenotransplant (did I manage to tempt you to google it?). My friend is coming over for weekend so I expect little knitting done.
Oh, and just because I'm so thick-skinned, it's my birthday next Tuesday ;D


bradyphrenia said...

love the sock. are you using trekking?

opportunityknits said...

Happy Birthday Yuvee! Your Liberty fabrics are really pretty, pity the yarn selection wasn't great. And the sock is beautiful - what yarn is that?

alltangledup said...

happy birthday yuvee

Rina said...

Hiya the Pomatommus sock looks gorgeous!

And Happy Birthday!

knittydoll said...

gee the colours in the Kureyon are gorgeous! I've heard lots of great things about that yarn but have never used it myself, have fun with it!!

joy said...

Happy birthday!

Being the great multi-tasker that you are, I'm sure you'll finish all those knits for your mom and aunties. :)

Peggy said...

Happy Birthday! The Noro looks absolutely delicious! And the socks look great... what yarn are you using?

kessa said...

Happy birthday, Yuvee! That sounds liek alot of FOs to me =)

kessa said...

And that pomotamus looks delicious!

Sally said...

Hi yuvee! Long time no post ;P! Those socks are going awsome, congrastulations!!! I have the pattern too, but im kinda scared to make them... i dont have the guts xD! Maybe i'll finish my glovers first ^^! :) Congratulations, i love your works :)