Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A little questionnaire

This is for SP contest entry, and my reason for doing this is simply because I love doing questionnaire! Of course...the prize won't hurt ;D
Here goes...

1. What is your favorite season?
I don't know what Autumn is like, so my answer for now is spring!

2. Where is or would be your favorite place in the world to take a vacation? favourite so far is Turkey....but Venice should be fantastic too, I just need to get there.

3. If you could have any job in the world and not worry about finances (everything would be taken care of), which means you'd be doing something you actually like, what would it be?
What else? I'd be making stuffs non-stop and actually be able to sell them ;) Perfect.

4. What is your favorite project to knit or crochet?
Shawl, maybe. I don't wear them but I love them.

5. What is your favorite food - whether it be a main dish, dessert, snack, whatever?
Crab with padang sauce (Indonesian food)...yummm...

6. What is your favorite way to relax and unwind?
Knit and read, knit and watch, knit and listen.

I got lots to blog about, hopefully tomorrow ;)

1 comment:

Rina said...

1. Spring or Fall, but mostly Spring.
2. Japan with my husband
3. Statistics, Photographer, Yarn store owner
4. Shawl, any garments, and socks. not much on gloves, mittens, and hats.
5. Tiramisu, Pork Bulgogi and Bimbibab (Korean dishes), and Indonesian foods.
6. Knitting, watch movies at home, go to LYS, get needles and accessories