Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Pattern source :
Yarn : 2 skeins Sirdar Pure Cotton 4ply, great value
Needle : Clover circular bamboo 3.25 cm
Modification : Longer lace, shorter ribbing

This project had been going on forever! If you remember, I had a failed attempt at this project long time ago. I'm so glad that it's finally done and I love the fit too! Well...maybe I'm not too keen on showing off my king kong arms, but people here don't seem to care that much, so the hell with it! It should be getting lots of wear this summer, but first I'll need to wash it because I spilled some orange juice on it.

Anyway, remember my last post? You don't think I'd give up that easily on yarns, do you? I went there last Saturday, and look at what I got!

A skein of Lana Grossa sock yarn, the colours look real fun that I just couldn't pass it. 2 hanks of Koigu, yumm...my first ever and definitely won't be my last.
Then this Handmaiden Seasilk...

...truly amazing yarn. It's so gorgeous I want to have an affair with it. The colour...it's like spun gold...so precious. I had a real tough time deciding on the colour because they're all gorgeous. And even though it smells like seaweed I still keep wanting to rub it all over my face. Worth skipping lunch for 5 days? Absolutely.
Oh, and the store is lovely too, nice people, lovely yarns. Definitely worth the trip. I even bumped into Polly there!*waves*

Other knitting news, DFS is all done, just need to find me a photographer, and I miss having her on my needle. I've got some new projects on my needle, share with you soon ;)

ETA: SP, don't worry about the address, I'm using my school address for correspondence ;)


Vanessa said...

You look lovely in orangina, girl. Oh man! I want some of those yarn... that's one of my favorite. I'm droolin...you're so bad :)

bradyphrenia said...

so cute! i love the lavendar. i'm working on orangina right now as well.

i also envy you the seasilk.

alltangledup said...

hi yuvee!!! pity that I was on my way out to catch a train when you came in. If I had known...

next time, I'll call you when I invade Brighton!

Stephanie said...

Oooo the orangina is very nice!

sue said...

You are such a beautiful knitter. I love Orangina, it looks great on you and I also like your new purchases too, lucky girl.

Doreen said...

Orangina looks great. Glad to hear that at last you managed to finish it.

Mimi said...

Great job on Orangina! You look lovely with it. This Pure cotton has a great yardage.
I knew you were going to be back at yarn shop but not so fast! :D
I love all your new yarns!

Peggy said...

The Orangina looks beautiful, and it fits well too! The Diamong fantasy shawl looks fabulous too! I'm still stuck on my FBS (it's been a year)... :p

Lois said...

lovely! u reminded me to wear my orangina.

by the way, I got your mail.

opportunityknits said...

Your orangina looks good in this light lavender.
And wah, you went back to the yarn shop so fast! The yarns are so pretty, of course you musn't leave them behind!