Friday, June 16, 2006


After reading this post from Anna, I've been dreaming about this yarn store. So when my friend asked me to accompany her to London to look for accomodation, I jumped at the opportunity to visit the shop once we're done with her business.
So how could I be not heartbroken that when we got there, I just realised that the shop was already closed 5 minutes ago? It was a close call to screaming and weeping, but believe me when I say that it wrenched me inside. I mean, I just missed my first chance to see Koigu, Lorna's Laces, Handmaiden....ahhh....I can't go on, otherwise my keyboard would be broken because of my flooding tears.
I'm sure you guys would understand my pain. I have to go to London again on Sunday to help my friend moves, but the store won't be open that day. Hmmm...just realise that Loop is. Yay!

Talking about moving, I just moved host family yesterday. It was a downright nightmare. My stuffs must have multiplying behind my back. TWO cabs were barely enough to fit all of them. My former hostfather was shocked, my new hostfamily was speechless...but I heard her mutter something like " won't fit". The new house is out of nowhere, but I shall survive for 2 months. Anyway, I'll be in real trouble with the amount of my stuffs when I go to university, so I *might* have to...uhm...destash. We'll see if I can find anything I can bear to part with.

Knitting wise, I've been quite faithful to Diamond Fantasy Shawl lately. But I get really confused because it never seems to grow big enough for me.

Here's 9 repeats of it, it's supposed to be huge by now. I'm using 4mm needle with fingering weight yarn.
So I came to some conclusions:
-I'm a seriously tight knitter.
-The shawl will magically grow twice its size now once blocked.
-It's not the shawl's fault, I'm THE ONE that grows bigger.

What do you reckon?


Sachi said...

I think you'll get your answer if you take some time to knit up a pattern swatch, measure, block, then remeasure. It may not be the answer you want but at least it'll be an answer... because the third option... well... it's just not an option. ;-)

Jenn said...

I think it wil grow once you block it. I have th yarn and the pattern. I plan on starting it soon...when I have time....let me see. College, three kids, hosting SP....Umm guess I'll start it in a few years :-)

anna said...

it will probably stretch A LOT if you block it hard. so sorry you missed the store! so frustrating!

Mimi said...

So sad, only 5 min. late for the new yarn store. Hope you have chance to go back.
I could picture you and all your yarn stash in the cabs! ;)
Love your shawl in progress and the color is so sweet.

opportunityknits said...

yes, Yuvee remember to make allowance for the shawl
to grow during blocking.
Oh, I felt your disappointment about the yarn shop too. Never mind, there'll be a next time.
haha, it's so funny, your host family meeting your yarn. You sound like you could do with one of those gadgets that vacuum pack stuff into plastic bags so that it will take less space. Have agood weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the store closed before you got there. That's just rotten. But I noticed you also said you had moved??? If so can you please give me your new address so I can make sure your secret goodies get directly to you? Thanks, Your Secret Pal 8