Thursday, May 25, 2006


Since it seems to me(and I'm sure to you too!) that my posts are more about yarn porns than real knitting, I'll actually be talking about knitting today. Anyway, I know you guys don't mind the yarn porn at all, and I've got lots to show by the end of this month ;D.
So...few weeks ago(I could never keep track of these things), I cast on for Phildar Blazer no.33 from Phildar Tendances 443.

That's the back done and 2 sleeves on my needles at once. It's a real quick knit, I think the back was knitted in one night(well, so I did sleep at 5 that night). Then I cast on for the front, and that's where the problem started.
I couldn't figure out the pattern.
Could you expert knitters out there help me please?
How do I knit : 2 sts from right edge on foll alt rows, inc 5 sts twice. HOW do I increase FIVE stitches at once?
What I did was k2,m1,k1,m1..., which I thought was right but looked so wrong.
Not willing to give up, I decided to knit the sleeves first. BUT...if I follow the pattern, the sleeves wouldn't fit my kingkong arms(not kidding here). Fortunately I got some help from Knitty board. So I'm knitting one size up now, which should fit, but I'm already at the slope shaping part, and have to face the front soon.

Then there's this stole...

Since my last post I've been knitting a-repeat-a-day faithfully(or at least trying to). On some good day I get to knit 3 repeats, bad day none. But I'm happy to say that I'm finally done knitting the body, and even manage to memorize the lace pattern. Too bad my grafting skill sucks so bad that the joint is so visible. But I spent 2 hours doing it and have no intention to do it again. *hate grafting*
Since then, it's been lying on my chair(which is covered with WIPs) for 2 days, just because I'm so intimidated by the thought of picking up 640 stitches. The yarn is amazing though, love the sheen, love the crimpiness(is there such word?).

And just for fun...
*a picture of entrelac something should be here, but blogger is not cooperating*
Well, I'll share next time then. Shall we move on?

My next project would be this. Isn't it gorgeous??
I'll be knitting with Regia silk, which I'm afaid I'm addicted to thanks to Cmeknit (I know her name is Carolyn, I've been stalking her shawls).

Anyway, I'm pretty sure you guys have seen this gorgeous pattern by Anna. It's climbing high in my list ;)


Mimi said...

Yuvee, that blazer was a good choice, it's so elegant. Hope you decipher the instructions for the front part soon. Sorry, don't know how to help on this problem.
Oh, i dislike grafting as well, and 640 sts sounds a lot work. But don't give up, you'll get there.

erin said...

Yuvee, you're amazing, the back in one night?! Hope someone can help with the increasing of 5 stitches. As for the stole, just pick up a hundred stitches a day (note down where you're at) and it will seem less painful. Your future projects are veru well chosen.

alltangledup said...

for the increases, do you have the French instructions? I'm wondering if there's more detail there

the shawl would loojk lovely after being blocked and the grafting will not show.

joy said...

Wow, you sure got a lot of knitting done. :) Sorry, can't help you with the blazer instructions. The shawl is going to be beautiful once it's blocked.

Kessa said...

Hi Yuvee, that increase thing gave me alot of grief too. After fiddling with it for the longest time, I figured out how to do it. Its a smart method that gives a smoothly-curved finish to the increases. Heres how to do it:

Knit to last 2 st from end of row. work back and forth this 2 sts for 5 times (K2, turn, P2, turn, K2, turn, P2, turn... etc) ending on a P2. Pick up 5 stitches along the 'strip' of extra bit knitted.

There. Increased. Hope that helped. I'm stuck for the longest time on the sleeves though. Not looking forward to the long ride ahead. (I used smaller gauge yarn)