Saturday, November 26, 2005

Pack & Tag

As if I don't have enough yarn to pack.
Left to right : 2 skeins of purple for gloves, 5 skeins of yummy red for a scarf, and 3 skeins of grey, cream and pink for a hat. ALL FOR MOI!
I visited my LYS for one last time yesterday, wanted to say goodbye to the owner who taught me to knit. And I just decided that was my last chance to get those yummy Zara I've been fondling everytime I went there for years, but never bought.

Anyway, I'm leaving in 15 hours. Curious about my packing? See this.

My yarns and UFOs(compressed) fit in 2 bags and a box except for 2 packs. They weigh about....15 kg.

Now, let's do the calculation. My baggage allowance is 30 kg. My stash is 15 kg, and there's no way I'm leaving even a skein behind. So...that leaves me only 15 kg for my clothes, books, shoes, bags and other LOTS of stuffs. Some sacrifices MUST be done. So I bid goodbye to my comics and novels collection(which is big, but I have an even bigger one at home). Then to my shoes and sandals...which have a wardrobe of their own. To 80% of my wardrobe. To 90% of my socks collection(yes, I have a sock collection). To 80% of my bag collection(there must be about 30 there, took only 4). To my CD collection(uhm....most are pirated, so I only took the beloved originals). And to other stuffs(these includes a whole box of lettersets, a box of origami papers, LOTS of very heavy universities prospectus, hundreds of magazine, my makeups, my baking supplies, my art and crafts supplies, hundreds of gift-wrapping papers, 9 boxes of long-forgotten stuffs, years worth of textbooks, and a guitar.

OK, that list is totally unnecessary, sorry for that, but it's just a little hard to leave what I've collected for the past 7 years. And if you can't tell yet, I've been a "stuffs collector" since a kid.

Well...I still have to leave anyway, leaving is hard, isn't it?
I still remember clearly when I came here to study 7 years ago(we missed the plane and had to sleep at the airport's playground area, but that's another story), and suddenly it's time to go. I always feel sad everytime I'm leaving, even if it's only for 2 weeks. But this time, I'm not coming back in years.

Anyway, let's do a meme to cheer myself instead. Thanks for tagging me, Mimi!

1.What is your all-time favourite yarn to knit with ?
For cotton, Jaeger Siena.
For wool/merino, Filatura Di Crosa Zara.
For mohair, obviously KSH. I feel like buying every colours, and make a KSH collection. Sounds good, eh?

2. Your favourite needles ?
Addi Turbos, hands down. Same old complaint though, wish the tip is more pointy.

3. The worst thing you ever knit
That stockinette acrylic scarf, of course. Wanna see? Now, where did I put it..oh here it is

Judge for yourself.

4. Your favourite pattern
Ooh....this one is hard. I think I'll pick OSW. It's nothing with complex design, just a smart little beauty with endless possibilities.

5. Most valuable knitting technique
Magic loop and seaming.

6. Best knit book or magazine
VK, IK and Rowan.

7. Your favourite knit-along
I'm a bad KALer, really. Joined in lots of KAL, but never really participating. But if I have to pick a fav, it'd be Socktoberfest.

8. Your favourite knit blogs
Umm....way too much to mention. I have many favourites, some I read religiously, some I enjoy reading. I'm really thankful for Bloglines, though sometimes it doesn't work well.

9. My favourite knitwear designer
Kim Hargreaves, Debbie Bliss, Glampyre, Elsebeth Lavold, Anna Bell.

10. The knit item you wear the most.
Well...OSW and Gabby, both worn ONCE.

11.Who to tag?
I must be the last person to answer this, so I'm not tagging anyone!


Elaine said...

Erm... and that's why I went to University in my hometown ;)

I love seeing other people's stashes and UFOs. It gives me the illusion of normality :D

knitties said...

Hey girl, good luck! Keep on bloggin' no matter where you are :) And have a safe trip back home!

happyspider said...

i like your packing style :p, who needs clothes anyway? what you have there is clothes potential which is far more important. the Zara is beautiful, good for you for buying what you wanted for ages!

erin said...

Those are such lovely colours of zara. Enjoy them, and have a good trip back home and hope you'll continue to blog.

knottyknitpicks said...

whoa. i mean, i'm a pack rat, so i have lots of stuff, too. but your yarn stash is more than i have. :) and of course, my wardrobe is even bigger. i don't know if i could part with my clothes though. i try not to buy yarn unless i need it for a project or if it's a super deal (which i have oicked up at the sales bin or trades). so my stash is pretty small still. but yeah, i'm going to have to pack all of my stuff at the end of January - going back home to finish my rotations (knock on wood - let's hope i pass oncology!!)

anyhow, good luck on your move back!! keep knitting - i want to see what you finish on the plane ride back!! hahaha.

Mimi said...

I also visit the LYS before my movings. I now exactly the feeling! :D
Hope you have a good transition back home, I'll be waiting for news from you.
Thanks for sharing your knitting preferences!

Vanessa said...

Hi Yuvee, good luck with your packing and your move. I definitely can feel your pain. My last move is probably the 7th time in my life and I never want to go through that again. Anyways, best wishes, have a safe trip home, take care and hope to hear from you soon.*hugs*

Vanessa said...
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Laura.Y said...

oh goodness LOL that's quite a collection. How bout packing them into boxes and shipping them back instead?