Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm back!

So...I was planning to stay in Singapore for 4-5 days...I even thought that bringing 2 pants and 2 skirts was too much. How could I know that I would ended up staying for EIGHT days, and having to wear my pants for more than 3 days each.
And...and...I went with such good intention, bringing a very heavy, full luggage with me, for my cousin to help me take back to Indonesia. She even brought me a bigger, empty luggage so that I can pack more easily when I'm going back to Jakarta. But...you know me...the luggage is no longer empty when I came back. In fact, it was full. Full with these...

Of course, these are only the knitting related one. You can see that I've successfully added another 31 skeins of yarn to my as-if-not-big-enough stash. And my other purchases? I'll just say that I left with a pair of earrings, and came back with 6. You get the idea.

I had a great time in Singapore though...shopping till I drop. Who was I fooling when I thought that S$700 would be enough? Lucky I've got that atm card.
For the first 3 days, I stayed with my cousin and aunt, went shopping everyday and didn't have to pay for a thing (my aunt loves me, you know). I know that my mom would've done the same for my cousins anyway. Then after they left, I stayed with my friend, one of my best friends. So yeah, we had a blast, even though my friends complained that they can't get any studying done when I was there, and that I made them spent so much. Hey, it's not my fault if they can't control themselves, right? I've been told that I have an ability to make people spends though.

Guess what? I finally get to go on a knitting meetup! My first one ever!
First I get to meet up with Erin, and we went to a yarn shop together. The yarn shop might not be the best, but I really enjoyed meeting her(Hey Erin!). I was a bit nervous at first. I mean, I would consider someone insane to meet up with someone they knew only from blogging. My friend even thought that I'd get kidnapped. But hey, we're talking about knitters here!
Then next...I got to meet up with Lois, Cara and other Singaporean knitters.
I didn't have any knitting going on then...so I basically just sat there and browse through the knitting books. Everyone were so nice though, and I can safely say that I had a good time and I'm well prepared for more meetups in the future.

On the knitting part...I finally get back to knitting Orangina again. This time with different yarn and different needle. This is how it looks so far...
I think it looks quite promising this time...

Anyway, I'm going back to Jakarta in less than a week, and my stuffs are still very much untouched. Gotta start packing soon! But looking around my room, I really have no idea how to start. Trust me when I tell you that I've collected quite a lot the past 7 years.

Hey, I almost forgot to tell that I taught another friend of mine to knit! She's not likely to be hooked though...she swore that she'll never touch knitting again. Oh well, at least she know how to knit and purl now.


Tracy said...

31 skeins??? You must have taken an extra suitcase!

knitties said...

Wow wee, sounds like you had a fab time in Singapore! Look at all that yarn :-) Have a safe trip back to Indonesia, sweetie!

emy said...

U shld come back to Singapore regularly!

erin said...

Heehee, so you didn't go back emptyhanded! The Sirdar denim looks interesting and I recognise the other yarns too, but that lovely red ball looks most attractive! Yah, other than us knitters, don't go round meeting up with crazy strangers from the Internet - couldn't help saying that - the mother in me! In case, you don't post before you leave, have a safe trip back home.

Laura.Y said...

wow! That's a load of stuff dearie! LOL Sounds like a really great trip..:)

Mimi said...

You are having such a good "post graduation " vacation! Look at all those beautiful yarn. Did you shop at Golden Dragon?

handknit168 said...

I love your blue one.

I have been to Singapore 3 times and once in Malaysia but it is many years ago. Hope to visit Malaysia in near future but the weather is extremely hot.

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happyspider said...

welcome back!
look at all your spoils... aaaargh must buy more yarn!

Cara said...

Hi Yuvee,
That's really a surprise cuz we don't know there will be a guest joining us that night, except Lois.
Anyway, i'm glad that i got the chance to meet you in person. You are sweet. Those photos of you posted on this blog doesn't show much. That's why i can't recognise you immediately when i see you. LOL
Hope we would be able to meet again in the future. ;)