Monday, April 27, 2009

Ivy Leaguer wannabe

According to Ravelry, I cast on for this on 4th April 2008, heck that's a whole year for a vest!
Ivy League vest
Ivy League vest
I bought the yarns as a kit because I was too overwhelmed by the thought of picking out 6 coordinating colours. It's my biggest colourwork project to date, and it fits really well! I was pleasantly surprises when I got to try it on after I cut the steeks because I had my doubts all along.
Oh, of course you'd want to see the steeks...
Ivy League vest
See how neat it is? I did the crocheted steek and they all lie down so neatly, makes me all giddy. Can you tell I love my new vest?

The crazy thing about this project is, I used less than one skein of each colour! The pattern specifies 2 skeins of 5 different colours and a skein of 1 colour, so that's what I got. But now I ended up with more than enough for another one, there should be a limit to over estimation in yarn requirements.

Anyway, I'm organising my first knitting event EVER! Check it out here. I'm so scared of it not going well and have been playing through everything that could go wrong with it in my head. Hopefully I won't freak out when the time comes, fingers crossed! I'll also be eternally grateful if you could help me pass the word around!


knottyknitpicks said...

hi!! it's been a while since i've checked your blog. and a long time since i've been able to knit. hope you're doing well!

R a i n said...

Whoa...that's mind-boggling! Nice job.

Peggy said...

Ooooh... I've started this too. You beat me to it! It looks great on you!!

Jasmin said...

That is AWESOME!

opportunityknits said...

The vest rocks! I'm so impressed :) and your steeks look so neat!
All the best on your knit out event.

Lin said...

The vest looks lovely!