Sunday, March 08, 2009

Spinning updates

Here's a summary of my wheel spinning adventure so far.
I was trying to spin on some scrap fibres and it was miserable! The fibre kept on breaking and I couldn't spin for more than a metre at once. So I decided to try spinning the good stuffs, and it worked like magic!
Here's my first skein, it's Limegreenjelly BFL in Funkytown colourway.
First wheel attempt
This one is my own hand-dyed Falkland
Second wheel attempt
And here's my own hand-dyed Merino, the best one so far, it's so soft and squishy!
2-ply Merino

I was spinning some merino/angora but gave up midway because the fibre kept on getting all over the place. So now I have some nice merino going on instead. I'm trying to spin finer and more consistent, but so far my spinning is far from it. Well, practice makes perfect, right?

Just because I got a wheel doesn't mean I've been neglecting my spindle, this is some BFL/silk from Shunklies.
BFL & Silk
I was trying to spin it really fine, but then I ran out of patience and spun thicker yarn instead, I didn't really enjoy spinning with it, but the resulting yarn was quite nice to knit with. I didn't have much yardage, so I knitted a simple stockinette cowl out of it. It's still drying now, picture next time!
And then I bought a new spindle.....isn't it a beauty?
Bocote Bosworth Midi
It's Bocote Bosworth Midi, and I looooveee it! It's so smooth and nice to spin with and so pretty to look at. Here's what I spun with it
3-ply Merino/Baby Alpaca/Silk
It's merino/baby alpaca/silk blend from Limegreenjelly, spun on the Bosworth and 3-plied on the wheel.

That's all for spinning so far, the wheels are still turning though!
Have you guys seen my knitted chair? The pattern is up here.


knottygnome said...

such pretty handspuns! i love the handdyed falkland

Anonymous said...

gorgeous!! Some day I'll learn to spin but for ow I'll just appreciate everyone else's work. :)

Rina said...

Look at you! Before you know it, you'll be a spinning master! I love Bosworth. So well made and it spins for a while.

picperfic said...

oh my, your spinning is excellent, the spindle spinning leaves me in awe, I can't get on with a spindle!