Monday, March 23, 2009

Casting off...

Beware! Long post ahead, but it'll be mainly pictures for your viewing pleasure, I'll be brief and catch up with the knitting I've been doing.
Vinnland Socks
Vinnland SocksVinnland Socks
I knitted these Very Orange Vinnland socks for Malabrigo March KAL with the Socktopods. The yarn colourway is "Terracotta", but really it's just orange.

This bag had been on the needle for a few months. Or at least the handle did. I finished the bag in a couple of days but the handle took really long because I got bored knitting it. And since I was using much smaller needles for the handle so that it won't sag that much, it hurt my hands to knit it. But finally a couple of days ago I decided to just finish it up and wore it to the local shop to buy grocery.
Everlasting Bagstopper
I was worried it won't be able to hold the weight but it held up pretty well I thought.

We had a bingo night for Red Nose Day at Socktopus and I won TWICE! I won a skein of Socks That Rock, 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces Sheperd Socks, a skein of gorgeous handspun by Marianne and to top it all, a voucher of a dozen cupcakes by Arianna from Bittersweet Bakers. Let me tell you her cupcakes are THE CUPCAKES, they've gotta be the best I've had. I was more excited on winning that compared to the STR, that's how much I love her cupcakes. But the handspun was gorgeous too and I couldn't wait to knit with it, so I made these.
Handspun Armwarmers
I was reminded on how much I LOVE knitting with handspun yarn. Perhaps I should slow down on the spinning and start knitting up my handspun yarns. They are just really simple 3x1 rib with holes for my thumbs, then I increased to 3x2 rib as they go up my arms. I wore them to Brighton on Friday, and they kept my hands nice and warm.

Then yesterday, I went to Socktopus again wearing this.
A Cardigan For Arwen
A Cardigan For Arwen
A Cardigan For Arwen
My Cardigan for Arwen! Finally done! I'm really happy with it and I love wearing it. The only thing I followed from the pattern was the cable pattern. I did it all in the round, seamless, with raglan decrease and waist shaping. Too bad the kitty shawl pin that I wore to fasten it yesterday was lost.
But I haven't told you what I was there for yesterday, I had a class with Cookie A.!
Meeting Cookie A.!!
It was absolutely fabulous and I dare say you guys should look forward to my future sock design!


opportunityknits said...

Hi Yuvee,
Your FOs all look so good! And, you're having fun too!

Lin said...

Your knitting is all gorgeous, I love the Arwen, fabulous.

Ice Princess said...

In one Word "Gorgeous"....

Jasmin said...

Your Vinnlands are SO inspiring!

yahaira said...

you are on a finishing streak! everything came out so perfect, I especially love your cardigan. I hope you have another cute pin for it!

Jen said...

everything looks terrific! Love the handspun!

Rina said...

Lucky you. Photo with Cookie A!!

Gorgeous FOs you have there. I am also proud of the Cardigan for Arwen. It's an interesting pattern and construction as well.

Vanessa said...

wow you've been super so jealouse..really need to finish something before i cast on new projects again!

hugs! hope all is well :)


Anonymous said...

My favorite color is orange so those socks are just the best to me. At least this post received a little more recognition. Beautiful FOs again.

Sharon said...

Your 'Arwen' cardigan is gorgeous - I'm so sad you lost your cute kitty shawl pin :-( Glad the photo I snapped for you came out ok too!!

Lily said...

First of all, I must say that I like your bag. It's color is so refreshing. Second, I would love to see the whole outfit you wear on the photo after the bag. Looks interesting (did I see a handknit scarf?). Last, I love your Awen. It looks good on you.