Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where have I been?

Would you like to take a guess on where I have been for the past two weeks?

Yep, I was in Australia!
I had great food,

and saw lots of amazing animals (zoos and aquariums are my top priorities on a trip, after yarn shops, of course).

I got to visit Melbourne and Sydney. Melbourne to send my little cousin off to high school, and Sydney to see friends and cousins. Melbourne didn't struck me as a great tourist town, but I think it's a great place to stay at. I mean, how could you be a knitter and not like a city with street names such as those? they have great yarn shops. I'm looking forward to go there again and stay longer next time. I only managed to visit a few yarn shops, but I've came back with a "reasonable" amount of stash enhancement. You can expect an Australian yarn porn for my next post!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I know those street signs! I'm glad you liked my hometown. I hope you bought lots of gorgeous Australian yarn.

sue said...

I see you popped into Melbourne judging by those street signs. I cant wait to see what yarn stores you visited too. You should have let us know you were coming and we could have given you a little yarn shop tour.

Lin said...

I know those signs too! Is that carrot cake in the picture? Australian cakes are lovely.