Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flo-ing along

That's all I've got after 12 days of knitting. A back, a sleeve and a front. The front and sleeve went pretty quick, but I reached a slump when working on the back.
So I guess logically speaking there's no way I could get it done in time for the Olympics' Closing Ceremonies, but I'll be knitting along anyway. My goal is no longer the gold medal, but simply to have a cardigan done and hoping it'll turn out beautifully.

I'm a bit disappointed at my productivity this holiday. This is my last 'real' summer holiday since I'll be graduating next year and have to face the 'real world' that I'm not sure I'm ready for. I thought I could get so much done during this holiday, with lots of knitting, sewing and designing projects planned. But, in reality, the sewing machine is still unseen and I haven't done any preparation for my third year dissertation.
Oh well, at least I did get two wisdom teeth extracted and hopefully a cardigan ready for autumn when this summer holiday ends.


yahaira said...

I think you still get a medal for knitting that much after getting your wisdom teeth pulled!

knottygnome said...

I think it was very ambitious that you chose a 4ply cardigan. i did as well, though i'm only informally participating in the ravelympics, and there's no way i'll be close to finished.

from what i've seen, browsing through the finished ravelympics projects, you did very well comparatively.

oh and happy belated birthday, btw!

Lin said...

Its a lovely colour cardigan. sorry about the teeth, I hope you are better now.

amanda said...

that's a lot of knitting for 12 days! sorry about your teeth - hope you're feeling better :)