Saturday, February 17, 2007

up and down

WARNING! This post contains some horrible real-life situation pictures with extremely bad lighting and helped only slightly by photoshop.

So, I just finished knitting the second sleeve of my VK Norah Gaughan's Capecho, put it on, and here's how it looks like.

See those horrible bunches?
Even worse

I'm not so sure whether that side of the pentagon is supposed to dangle just like that.
And the back?

Strangely short and bunchy (blocking might solve this one, but not sure about the length).

So I tried a different style by pulling down the front and make it sort of like a crossover thing.

Not as bad but it practically makes my front looks flat, not a good sight.

Then I tried it upside down.

The coloured version will blind you, I swear.

And I have pentagons running down my stomach and hang just there.
The back

Much longer, no? Which doesn't really make sense since it's the same thing turned upside down.

So, now I have a few options:

1. Put the whole thing into a ziplock bag and hide it somewhere so I won't see it for another year or so.
2. Frog it and knit something else less...intriguing.
3. Put my trust in Norah Gaughan and actually knit the collar and finish the whole thing while praying hard it'll turn out ok.
4. Try frogging some of the pentagons and mess around with it and try to make it right.
5. Find somebody bigger than me with much more patience than I do and give it to her.

What do you think?

Oh, in case you're wondering, I did get gauge.


Girl Kae said...

i think 2 and 5. It doesnt seem like ANYONE has been successful in this - so not sure if you want to put further trust in Norah Gaughan!! That's a shame too because I'm up to pent 11 and i know how much work has gone into this capecho..

handknit168 said...

Is it a little bulky and too large for you. I choose #2, don't waste the yarn and knit something new.

Vanessa said...

Oh no!!! Don't frog it yet. may be there's a way to salvage this. Did you google and see if anyone finish knitting this?

Girl Kae said...

vanessa - there is a KAL for it and it sounds like no one has been able to make it "fit" after completion..

Anonymous said...

How cruel it is for girl kae to say to "give up faith in Norah" (who happens to ME)! When making the sample "capecho' (that name was not my idea btw) I found it looked great on a bigger girl (me again) when left hanging, and obviously it looks great on the model when buttoned up high. It's not a garment that "fits". It's a quirky shrug-like contraption that can be worn a dozen different ways- to suit your personality and figure. AND it definitely needs to be blocked to release the "pointiness", which is why a good wool works best. So finish it as written, or finish it differently, perhaps with a longer neck band and wear it YOUR way. I bet there is a way it will look cool on you too.

freddy said...

I've made this capecho and experienced the same problems with it. But in the end I made it a bit different from original and I'm very pleased with how it turned out in the end. If you wish, I can share my tips with You. Please leave a comment to my blog, if You like to know how I made it. My capecho is here:
It's in Estonian.

Freddy said...

I added some tips in English, a diagram and photos to my blog, I hope You can use them to make Your capecho wearable:
Thank You for Your nice comment!
And I just love your Glampyre in Feb 9th post, its great!

R a i n said...

OH dear what a dilemma. I hope you will be able to make something out of it with all the tips you've got. Goodluck!

Linda said...

I am just finishing the capecho and am quite happy with it. I wanted it longer, so added so partial pentagons (just make the number of sides you need for the space to even out the bottem line and added twobytwo ribbing in the back to level it out. Blocking is imperative to get rid of the points. It's a great piece. I have a matching lacey shell to go underneath, and feel I will be all ready for a Minnesota spring.
If you want pictures, I may have them ready in a week or so. Write to for them.

Peggy said...

What a disappointment! I would probably go with 3, then 4, they 2. Good luck!

frecklegirl jess said...

Oh man! That side shot does seem a bit odd- are you sure it is assembled correctly.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!